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Vagos Metal Fest 2019

  • Quinta do Ega, Vagos, Portugal
  • 8-11 August 2019
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Riotous rock

Vagos Metal Festival is one of the biggest and best-known festivals of its kind in Portugal, bringing heavy metal favourites to the town Vagos across four days in August.

The festival was born in 2016, and since then the organisers have consistently offered up high-energy performances from some of the scene's heaviest hitters on a global scale, all in the green surrounds of Parque Quinta do Ega.

The festival takes place in a park that overlooks the Boco River in the Portuguese town of Vagos.


Quinta do Ega, Vagos, 3840, Portugal


Nearby Aveiro is connected by rail to Porto, Lisbon, Braga and a number of other destinations. From Aveiro, you can reach Vagos by bus.