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MUWI La Rioja Music Fest 2018

  • Logroño, Espagne
  • 23-26 août 2018
    MUWI La Rioja Music Fest 2018

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    Party in the heart of the wine-making region

    MUWI La Rioja celebrates the music, culture, food, and importantly the drink of La Rioja, the Spanish province most famous worldwide for its wine production.

    In Logroño, the region's capital, performances from a diverse lineup of musicians and performers take place across stages in the streets, clubs, vineyards and historic buildings of the city.

    Not only does the festival offer music fans the chance to witness performances from some of Spain's favourite acts, but it also presents the opportunity to explore the heart of the region and the industry that has made it famous across the globe.


    Têtes d'affiche

    • Sidonie
    • Triangulo De Amor Bizarro
    • Depedro


    • Sidonie
    • Depedro
    • Carmen Boza
    • Triángulo de Amor Bizarro
    • Smile
    • Papaya
    • Grises
    • Pecker
    • Ghost Number & His Tipsy Gypsies
    • Mikel Erentxun
    • Iseo & Dodosound with The Mousehunters
    • Mutagénicos y Ghost Number & HTG
    • Modelo de Respuesta Polar
    • Ipu DJ
    • Messura
    • Polock
    • Bleset

    + more artists to be announced

    Situated on the river Ebro, Logroño is a city in the famous winemaking region of La Rioja, northern Spain.


    Logroño, Espagne


    Logroño is connected directly by rail to Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Zaragoza and a number of other regional destinations.


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