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The Beat Festival 2018

Hip-hop dans la ville du bout du lac

The Beat Festival 2018

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1 x Silver Ticket - Bloc F Row N - The Beat Festival 2018

A seat from 91 to 129

Silver tickets = seated

Du samedi, 27 janvier 2018 18h00
Au samedi, 27 janvier 2018
Geneva Arena 2 Geneva Arena 3
The Beat Festival 2018

The Beat Festival is a one-day rap festival in Geneva, Switzerland. For 10 hours, the Geneva Arena is filled with hip-hop sounds from a lineup of rappers, MCs and DJs from across the world.

After welcoming Rae Sremmurd and 'Afrotrap' star MHD to the very first edition, the festival returns once more in January with headline appearances from celebrated French rapper Sofiane and hugely exciting Belgian-Congolese MC Damso.

The seating map can be found here.

Lineup includes: Damso, Sofiane, Kaaris, Romeo Elvis & more