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Coachella 2018: Weekend Two Predictions

Coachella is a funny one. Because it's such a big deal, artists go above and beyond to prepare special moments for the occasion.

But the festival takes place two weekends in a row, and because there's this thing called the internet, all the surprises that happen during weekend one are instantly broadcast to any and everyone who cares.

No one likes a sequel, so it's on the artists to shake things up a bit for weekend two. And because we here at Festicket are immersed in the festival world, we're uniquely positioned to be able to predict just how they're going to go about doing that. 

So without further ado, here's what the big moments of weekend two will be. 

BROCKHAMPTON's set features an appearance from the Blue Man Group. Either that or they cheap out and get David Cross.

Beyoncé proves she is in fact a human being by forgetting her left pinky finger when changing her nail polish during a costume change.


Or equally as likely, Beyoncé's face plate falls off, revealing that she's actually a humanoid robot.


Angel Olsen reunites with her long lost siblings Mary-Kate and Ashley.

The Weeknd reveals he's more of a Tuesday kind of guy.


Eminem reveals his last 5 albums were all a social experiment a la Joaquin Phoenix's I'm Still Here before debuting some actually good new music.


Portugal. The Man admit the misplaced full stop in their name was a mistake that got way out of hand. Anderson .Paak disagrees. 


In a twisted attempt at revenge, Kali Uchis' guitarist is the only one who shows up for their set


Vance Joy plays that song that everyone knows again.

Rihanna shows up again wearing jeans and a t-shirt.


The world finally realises Jamiroquai is a band not a person.


Cardi B twerks out a baby.

Daniel Caesar and Moses Sumney switch sets and no one notices. 


Craving a new challenge, Beyoncé reunites Oasis during her set.

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