Klaudia Gawlas' Top 10 Essential Ruhr-in-Love Tracks

Klaudia Gawlas' Top 10 Essential Ruhr-in-Love Tracks

Ruhr-in-Love 2020

Ruhr-in-Love 2020

Oberhausen, Allemagne

One of techno's leading lights, Klaudia Gawlas is one of those names that jumps straight out from among the crowd on any lineup poster.

As she prepares to once again grace a whole host of festivals across Europe and beyond this summer, Gawlas picked out 10 tracks that you're sure to hear her drop at Ruhr-in-Love 2017.

1. SHDW & Obscure Shape - Die weiße Rose

They're young producers and I fell in love with their tracks. "Die weiße Rose" is a very intense track with a fascinating atmosphere and melody. I really enjoy playing this track, it has a smooth bass drum and a good dynamic. The background is like a nice 90s synth-y choir – it takes you on a journey somehow. I like to play it to take a small break from the more energetic tracks. It sounds mystic and thrilling.

2. Ricardo Garduno - Cicles (Blackgoat rmx)

This track is a real peak-time track for my sets. I have been playing it for one year and it's a long runner in my playlist. A very strong bassline creates an incredible tension, building it up nicely to absolute peak-time. It has a detuned sound and develops this to an explosion. It is such a must-have track that I will definitely play at Ruhr-in-Love 2017!

3. Flug - Kontrol

Flug's tracks are often part of my sets. His straight techno is well known and moreover Sebastian is a very likeable colleague and an amazing artist. I'm always happy when he sends me new tracks. When I listened to "Kontrol", I fell in love with the track and it turned out to be a massive bomb on the dance floor. The reverb accompanies the whole arrangement up to the climax. Currently it's one of the strongest tracks in my case.

4. Flug - I Like Stress

I Like Stress is a bit more minimalistic. A percussive, closed hi-hat is the key in this straight track. Despite having few elements, it does work very well as the vocals round it off perfectly. The synths work their way up to the break and build a cool atmosphere.

It emerges from the break with such force that everybody – including me – has to move to it.

5. Richey V - Cold Reflection

This is a simply structured techno track with muffled, muted vocals. The reverb makes it a hypnotising track that takes you on a journey. It is simple but very well realised.

6. Alex Costa, Kaiserdisco - House of God

A very well produced track. Clean sounds and the whole surrounding just matches perfectly. It builds up with a quite massive bass drum accompanied by a clap only to be livened up by vocals. The acid sounds in the break make you curious for more. All in all, it is well worth it to check this one out – a real must-have.

7. Cari Lekebusch - Knowledge (Anu)

Cari Lekebusch is a techno pioneer and I know him from my own time as a raver. He was also the co-founder of Drumcode, the Swedish Techno label. He knows how to run the dancefloor and that's what he does in the track.

The drive of the production injects a lot of groove into the track. It feels like everything is moving. Quite a good job as always, Mr. Lekebusch.

[Track starts at around 37:10 of the mix below]

8. Jeff Rushin - Wondering

Techno fans just know Jeff Rushin, of course. And he is also one of my favourite producers because he always manages to create very interesting tracks with that certain kind of drive.

"Wondering" is a cool one for me to start my sets and get into the groove. It has its own, special dynamic and a healthy monotony livened up by some claps.

9. Neru - Warehouse

This is one of my favourites right now. The track is a bit softer than usual, but the background with noise and percussions turn it into a real sledgehammer.

Warehouse is full of action and you feel that it spirals up to the peak when the bass drum releases the tension to continue with the flow. You can just play it and it creates such a thrill on the dance floor that I just have to join the crowd. Caution: highly addictive!

10. Klaudia Gawlas - Cananga

This is one of my new tracks soon to be published on Credo. The percussive sounds wind up and develop into a rattling, groovy sound. It is an absolute get-down track which I will definitely present at Ruhr-in-Love 2017.

Klaudia Gawlas will play on the Abstract stage at Ruhr-in-Love 2017 on 1 July. Tickets and packages are available here.

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