Murdock: 10 Tracks That Define Rampage

Murdock: 10 Tracks That Define Rampage

Over the next few months, the 15,000 capacity Antwerps Sportspaleis will welcome the likes of Eric Clapton, Alicia Keys, Queen, Celine Dion, Harry Styles and Dua Lipa. Before that though, it will also host Rampage – an event that has gone from a party in a 1000-capacity club just over a decade ago, to the world's biggest drum & bass and dubstep festival.

This growth is testament to the huge popularity of the event; one that has left an indelible impression on the European festival scene and made its way onto the bucket-list of bass music fans from across the continent and beyond, by virtue of its huge lineups, spectacular production, and unabashed commitment to raving. 

Involved from the outset, and the man responsible for the creation and continued success of Rampage, is Hans Machiels – better known as the DJ, producer, label boss, and festival founder Murdock.

So with the latest instalment on the horizon – as well as a second edition of Rampage Open Air later in the year – who better to ask about the music that has helped to shape, soundtrack and define the festival that is beloved by so many.

Below are Murdock's picks of just ten of the countless tracks significant in the story of Rampage, with a little bit about each selection from the main man himself.

Camo & Krooked – Ember

"Many artists tease or play their new music for the first time at Rampage, sometimes years before it’s actually released. Camo & Krooked chose Rampage to unveil the very first track of their upcoming Mosaïk project."

Noisia – Dead Limit (Noisia's 'Outer Edges' Remix)

"Noisia played what was without a doubt the most intense show of their Outer Edges tour, and their special edit of 'Dead Limit' really hit home."

Inkeft & MVRDA – Untitled VIP

"These guys made music for Rampage Recordings, brought it to life at Rampage itself and were joined by robotic arms blasting light beams when they dropped it. Goosebumps times 15000!"

Murdock & Doctrine ft. MC Mota – Soldiers

"One of the Rampage Anthems that Doctrine and I made, this time with long-time friend and partner Mota on vocal duties, and one that the entire crowd can sing along too. And they did. Epic!"

Murdock (ft. Jenna G) – Make Me Stronger

"I brought out Jenna G to sing this live on stage. Seminal moment for me. As this track signified the start of the road to my Stronger album, it will be etched in my brain forever."

Bare Up – Pull Up

"Bare Up is the first guy we signed to Rampage Recordings and his first release was played by four separate acts on the 2018 weekend: Macky Gee and DJ Hazard among others. This one showed how strong Rampage as an entity, as a family and a brand had become."

SASASAS – Rampage Anthem

"SASASAS and Rampage have great history. Rampage was the platform that launched SASASAS back in 2017 and they helped make Rampage known across the Channel. They delivered this one to Rampage Recordings to announce their arrival."

Eptic – Gun Finga

"Eptic is Belgium born and bred, and every time he plays Rampage it feels like a homecoming to him and to the fans. This was the opening track of his 2017 set."

Cyantific – Welcome To The Future

"Often when artists play Rampage they deliver music for Rampage Recordings and often it sits just right. Andy C played this one at Rampage, as did many other people. It sat right on top of the first foghorn wave and it took the sound to a new level. It went to number 1 on Beatport!"

Rusko – Cockney Thug (Caspa Remix)

"Bringing Caspa & Rusko out to Rampage was a historic moment. They were supposed to start touring and working together again but in the end only did a few shows together, of which this one took the cake. When they started dropping the classics, they catapulted everyone back in time. Wake the fuck up!"

Rampage 2020 takes place in Antwerp on 13-14 March. Tickets are now sold out, but you can still book accommodation and transport here

Alternatively, tickets and packages for Rampage Open Air 2020 are available here


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