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Biglietti Festival: Aphex Twin

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Aphex Twin

One of the most elusive and critically acclaimed musicians of the last 30 years, Richard D. James, more widely known as Aphex Twin, is unquestionably on the Mount Rushmore of electronic music.

Ushering in a generation of ambient techno and IDM producers, there is no genre big enough to encapsulate the sounds of Aphex Twin.

Putting out the epochal album Selected Ambient Works 85-92 in 1992, James cemented his place in music lore by preempting roughly a decades worth of musical evolution.

Since then he has gone in and out of the public eye, refusing interviews and the normal industry circuit. But far from dampening his public perception, his enigmatic approach has only worked to pique interest.

Having been more active in recent years than ever before, Aphex Twin has put out four projects in the last five years and has been hitting the festival circuit. Headlining Primavera Sound, Field Day, Club To Club and other prestigious festivals, one thing is sure: you should catch him live in concert while you can.

Mixing sounds and styles from a mind-bendingly varied set of genres, an Aphex Twin live set is unlike anything else, combining with state of the art light displays to transport you into his world.


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