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Beach Bites Beats 2019

  • Novalja, Croazia
  • 15-22 Giugno 2019
  • Elettronica
  • Techno
  • Trance


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Beach? Beats? Brilliant.

Beach Bites Beats is a week-long electronic music festival in Novalja, Croatia. 

Occupying the luscious Zrce Beach for the entire week immediately after its Spring Break opening beach party, Beach Bites Beats continues the blissful sun-soaked atmosphere into the summer.

With a roster of global DJ's including co-promoters Vol2Cat, the prestigious beach venues will host parties spanning from dusk till dawn, seeing the likes of Plastik Funk, Dominik Koislmever, and DJ OLDE playing in previous years.

Throw epic poolside mansion parties, boat parties, and beach parties, there's a whole lot of partying to keep you dancing all week.

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Lined with world-famous clubs, Zrce Beach has become a hub for dance music and unbeatable summer parties.


Zrće, Novalja, 53291, Croazia