Fornova Melhores do Ano 2019

  • Matosinhos, Portogallo
  • 27 Aprile 2019
  • Hip Hop
  • Multigenere


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A celebration of the year's best music

Fornova Melhores do Ano is an annual festival and music gala held in the Portuguese city of Porto. For more than two decades the event has been organised by one of country's most popular radio stations, Rádio Nova Era, inviting listeners to celebrate the best music of the year.

In April, the musical celebration once again welcomes both national and international performers to Exponor, a convention centre that became the new home of the event in 2018.

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The event takes place in a convention centre in Matosinhos, a city within the Porto metropolitan area.


Exponor, Matosinhos, Portogallo