Dream Setlist: The 1975

Dream Setlist: The 1975

Even back in 2002 when four teenage boys from Manchester started The 1975, they must have had heady ambitions to believe that they'd be one of the most critically revered and desperately endorsed modern indie-pop artists across the globe.

Led by anti-social media campaigning frontman Matty Healy, publications like NME proclaim that "it's entirely accurate to call The 1975 one of the most important bands in the world". 

Armed with analysis on commercial success, rehab, and what social media is doing to humanity, the Manchester lads are to fill major festival slots this upcoming summer, including Mad Cool Festival, Benicassim, Rock am Ring, Pohoda, Open Air St.Gallen, and both Reading and Leeds Festival.

With three revolutionary albums already, we've curated our The 1975 'Dream Setlist', in anticipation for their much-awaited festival headline season. 

1. It's Not Living (if it's not with you)

2. Love It If We Made It


Revisiting the palette of I Like it When You Sleep... with 80's sophisti-pop melodies and disco-y riffs.


3. Love Me


As the first single of the band's second album after three years off, 'Love Me' marked the beginning of the now ever-changing sound of The 1975 by switching up the guitar that used to drone, and echo to light, funky spurts; channelling 70's rock band Talking Heads' 'Burning Down The House', this influence contributes as much to the rhythm as it does to the melody.




4. Give Yourself a Try


Knowingly echoing Joy Divisions 'Disorder', the indie-pop song shows Healy's judgment from the outset, singing against an undeniably loud guitar loop.


5. Be My Mistake

6. Settle Down


The cheery, sunny pop song, presented against their iconic pink box stage design, sounds like a soundtrack for a holiday romance.


7. She's American


'She's American' proves that the band hasn't lost their ability to produce catchy, earworm songs. This track is more reflective of the band's self-titled debut album; the track radiates energy utilising poppy choruses.


8. Talk!

9. A Change of Heart


The alienation caused by social media is one of Healy's favourite themes in their third studio album, however, it was preempted in I Like it When You Sleep.... with 'A Change of Heart' possibly the sharpest, slyest couplet yet, blurring the line of life and online existence. 


10. If I Believe You


Serving as the perfect interlude of more pop like songs 'Love Me' and 'UGH!', this track weaves in and out of smooth R&B with relaxed jazz. Made for easy and relaxed listening.



11. Fallingforyou

12. Robbers


One of the bands first mellow creations and now a true fan-favourite. The iconic first line "She had a face straight out of a magazine" has been reworked into three more of The 1975's songs; it's a no brainer that it should be on our dream setlist.




Although it may the same style of electronica like 'M.O.N.E.Y' and 'Menswear', Healy, unknowingly produced the finest pop song on the album by, in his own words, "just trying to have some fun".


14. M.O.N.E.Y




15. You

16. Somebody Else


This gentle and soft-of-touch ballade is a 'straight-up' The 1975 song. As one of the most popular songs from their second album, it follows the same formula as the much-loved debut album. Hauntingly honest, it’s a chink-in-the-armour depiction of heartbreak like we’ve never seen from the band before.


17. The City 

18. So Far (it's alright)

19. Couldn't Be More in Love







20. Sex 

21. Girls




22. Chocolate 


One of the original hits for The 1975 and a radio favourite to this day. 'Chocolate' is still possibly the most well-known track by the band, with catchy guitar hooks and clap along choruses.

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