The 10 Best Aftermovies of Summer 2017

The 10 Best Aftermovies of Summer 2017

It's time to face the facts, summer has come to an end for another year (in the northern hemisphere at least). That's not to say you can't still enjoy any BBQs, garden parties or outdoor festivals that you've got lined up, but the reality is, it's all getting a bit autumnal now. 

So what better time to look back through a load of this year's aftermovies, and celebrate those festivals that best captured the spirit of what summer was to them. From the thoughtful, artistic and creative to the no-frills celebration of an unforgettable party, here are some of our favourites.

DGTL Amsterdam

It might be a bit of a stretch to class April as summer, but when an aftermovie is done as well as this, it would be churlish to exclude it on a technicality. Using aerial footage of industrial scenes to compare them to structures on a circuitboard, the film explores the theme of modularity whilst also showcasing DGTL's peerless production and partying prowess.

Lost & Found

Given that we're accepting April as summer, we might as well chuck Lost & Found into the mix. For our money it's one of the festivals that marks the start of the summer season (it was held on the same weekend as Coachella this year after all). The sunny and summery aftermovie certainly earns it a place, as driving force Annie Mac larks about with her DJ friends "on top of a mountain, in Malta, in the sunshine... I mean, come on guys". Well put, Annie.


DGTL Sao Paulo

Another inclusion for the creative minds of DGTL, this time swapping industry and technology for oceans. Cityscapes and human developments are still pervasive, with social warnings and political messages interspersed – "only we humans make waste that nature can't digest, this is the legacy we are leaving for future generations".

Secret Solstice

Iceland has quite a thing for folklore, and the aftermovie for one of the country's most famous festivals is not lacking in mysterious imagery, as a Tolkein-esque hooded rider traverses the country's scenic landscapes with his magical seeing stones. The soundtrack also confirms something else we knew about Iceland, they love their hip-hop.


The ultimate in short-but-sweet, FIB celebrate living in the moment with a stylish array of shots capturing the festival's stages, beaches, crowds and music lovers.


It was always going to get a mention, and the masters of not-doing-things-by-halves prove over the course of 26 minutes why the festival is so damn popular. Gone are the fairytale themes and deep-voiced narrator, replaced by a simple celebration of good times and friendship, in keeping with the Amicorum Spectaculum theme of this year's festival.

Electric Forest 

No one is trying to do or say anything particularly clever with this aftermovie – it's just a brilliantly shot, perfectly put together and pleasingly concise summary of what looks like an incredible couple of weekends in the woods. 

Lovefest Serbia

Lovefest have gone for something pretty creative for their aftermovie. Reminiscent of a benevolent episode of Black Mirror (San Junipero springs to mind), the short film sees an elderly couple in the future looking back on how they first met at Lovefest; each of their experiences intertwining at various points. It's actually kind of touching, which is saying something for a festival aftermovie.


Dutch electronic music mecca Dekmantel seem to pay homage to the roots of their scene, with an aftermovie that brings to mind old 90s rave tapes, complete with grainy handheld footage and a thumping industrial techno soundtrack.



The latest aftermovie adds another chapter to the engrossing story of Boomtown, as rebels rise up against the apparent prosperity brought to the town by the Bang Hai Corporation. Yet again there's creativity in spades, and the aftermovie captures the musical diversity on offer at the festival, amidst the eccentricity.

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