3 Alternative Ways To Enjoy Prague

3 Alternative Ways To Enjoy Prague

For those not in the know, the things most associated with Prague tend to be beer and old buildings. While both those things are GREAT examples of what to experience there, we've dug a little deeper. Here are three themed ways you can enjoy the many other fun activities the Czech Republic's capital has to offer.

1 - Plan the ultimate spooky Halloween weekender

An ancient city well over a thousand years old, Prague is steeped in ancient myths, legends and ghost stories, from "The Headless Templar" riding his horse through the cobbled labyrinth of Old Town with his head in his arm, to the ghost of "The Murdered Nun" sometimes reportedly spotted at St Agnes Convent.

Why not indulge your macabre side and go on a ghost tour? There are many too choose from but McGees Ghost Tours are amongst the highly rated, with four tours to choose from such as "Prague Castle After Dark", "Mystery River Cruise & Walk" along with the popular and spine-chilling "Underground Walk By Lamplight".

Friday 28th October sees Bloody Sexy Halloween's electronic madness spook out the city, bringing together an electronic lineup with the city's best dressed zombies, vampires, witches and the like.


2 - Submit yourself to sensory overload

From festivals with pounding sound systems to an oddly captivating collision of neon colours and theatre, Prague has many delights for all senses, so why not plan a weekend based around experiencing different sights and sounds.

Audibly there has been a long standing loving relationship between the venues and festivals of Czech Republic with the harder side of electronic music such as Trance, Drum'n'Bass and Hardstyle. 

If it's a weekend of trance you after then Transmission is highly regarded as one of the best events of it's kind in Europe. Taking ravers on an immersive audio and visual trip, the award winning VJ team Vision Impossible combined with an incomparable Funktion One sound system set to blare out Markus Schulz, MaRLo and Vini Vici means Tranmission is an unmissable experience. Just have a look at these pictures and check out trailer!


The largest drum and bass summer festival in Europe Let It Roll Open Air will be visiting Prague in February for a 10 hour marathon of bass heavyweights over 3 stages for Let It Roll Winter.

If you fancy some other ways to entertain the senses over the weekend experience something completely different visually with Black Light Theatre. Taking place in a black box setting, theatrical performances appear darkened stage of curtains with a black UV lighting. The cast either wear neon fluorescent costumes or props and create sometimes detailed visual illusions or scenes through an expressive art using dance, acrobatics and mime.

While the form of theatre originated from Asia, the style became popular around the world from the 1950s where it became a speciality in Prague with its own characteristics developed. Here are some examples below:

3 - Release the inner child

Did you ever watch certain game shows on TV and secretly wish you could take part in them? Head to "Puzzle Room" a mind-bending escape game where you and your friends are locked in a fortress like room, and have 60 minutes to escape via riddles, games and all kinds of strategic endeavors.

With themed rooms inspired by the city itself, groups of 2-7 people could try and escape from "Golem's Hideaway", the "Time Machine" room or the "Secret Agent" room, have a look at the trailer below:

That only takes an hour, so before or after make sure you go on a Segway tour, from private tours of the Old Town and Prague Castle, to fantastic group tours organised visually around the sunset.

In between your puzzle adventures and segway races, make sure to visit Prague Zoo which takes over 140 acres and houses over 4,200 animals from 650 different species!

So there you have it, whether you want to visit especially for Halloween, plan a weekend around a festival or just have a bit of fun in a different city, this was 3 different ways of enjoying Prague.


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