5 Things to Do in Turin Italy this Year

5 Things to Do in Turin Italy this Year

Venice, Rome and Tuscany may be popular choices for first-time visits to Italy, however there are many reasons why Turin (or ‘Torino’ in Italian) is an equally vibrant choice. A city which mixes a sophisticated cultural history, with a recent urban revival during the 2006 Winter Olympics, we dare you not to want to visit this inspiring place after reading this list…

Witness a festival season that never ends

In the summer Kappa FuturFestival sees 25,000 house and techno lovers take over the renovated area of Parco Dora, where green parklands and former industrial shells of factories belonging to Fiat (Turin’s Pride) and Michelin create a unique mid summer blowout.

As the fall approaches the temperatures may dip, but the enthusiasm of the passionate Italian electronic scene doesn’t! The venue-hopping Club To Club Torino invites you to experience the city one party location at a time, while the boundary pushing Movement Torino returns with a high quality programme both enriching and hedonistic.

Aside from music, there is a MASSIVE chocolate festival in March, an unmissable 2 week Christmas street market in December, and June 24th is the annual celebration of the patron saint Festa di San Giovanni so expect booming fireworks!

It's a city wanderer's playground

If you like the idea of “just walking around and seeing where you end up”, Turin feels like it has been built for the curious explorer.

Visit the 550,00-sq-metre Parco Valentino park opened in 1856, go for a bike ride in coveted food and wine region Piedmont, or if you dare take the Magic Turin Evening Tour, where you will explore the white side and mysterious dark black-magic side of Turin, with it’s curious Roman roots as a burial site and many other mysterious stories (Look up the Shroud of Turin it’s a must see if you like spooky stories which span divisive theories)

With it’s Baroque city architecture hosting space to hundreds of sophisticated cafes, unmatchable museums, endless shopping promenades, leafy parks and welcoming art galleries, you will always feel there is never enough time.

Understand the birthplace of many Italian cultural wonders

As mentioned earlier this is where automobile company FIAT was born (The ‘T’ in ‘F.I.A.T’ even stands for Torino) and along with being the home of the Italian Royal Family, Turin was were the world’s first hard sellable chocolate was born.

Continuing with the theme of Turin’s strong food heritage, the city is also seen as the starting point for the ‘Slow Food Movement’ (A defender of regional food and practices set up in response to McDonald’s trying to set up shop in Rome)

So with that in mind, don’t leave without tasting the city’s trademark hazelnut and chocolate mix of ‘Gianduiotto’, be sure to sample food at the Porta Palazzo Market (amongst the largest outdoor markets in Europe), and if you really want to appreciate Turin’s love of cars, then make sure you visit the recently renovated Museo dell’Automobile.

If you find yourself in Lingotto, there are plenty of travel blog posts that go into detail about how you can try to gain great views of FIAT’s Rooftop Track depending on where you are in the shopping mall. (Some blogs even detail where to sneak in!)

Redefine your expectations of what a museum should be

The Egyptian Museum holds one of the most significant collection of artefacts outside of Cairo reportedly holding a whopping 30,000 pieces! 

Movie enthusiasts should also make a visit to the National Cinema Museum their priority. With themed floors such as the Archeology of Cinema, and a vast and adventurous collection of cinema posters, you will also get to see the original Superman cape worn by Christopher Reeve!

If you want to step back into Italy’s baroque obsessions and past, visit the Sabauda Galley, which houses the royal art collections belonging to the famous House Of Savoy, one of the oldest royal families in the world.

The variety of nightclubs is endless

There’s a reason why the multi-location Club To Club Torino returns for an electronic journey every year and it’s becuase Turin holds some phenomenal nightclubs!

Gala has an artsy atmosphere, Discoteca Vogue promises one of the best disco experiences around, Hollywood Dancing welcome good vibes, Afrobeat lovers gather at Big Club, techno beats can be found at Hennessy, the Bunker is full of surprises and enjoy a different pace at the River Club.

For more information on the Turin festivals we have on sale now, check out Club To Club Torino & Movement Torino.


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