7 of the Best: 2014 Festival Aftermovies

7 of the Best: 2014 Festival Aftermovies

Ah, the festival aftermovie.

Almost (but not quite) exclusively the domain of electronic music festivals, post-event montages give most of us a chance to see what we’ve missed out on, while everyone who was actually lucky enough to be there leans in close to the screen, trying to spot themselves.

The best aftermovies are the ones that tell the story of the festival, or come up with a distinctive, creative twist on the normal highlights reel. Here are some of the ones that have done it best so far in 2014.

Primavera Sound

Primavera get us off to a short, brooding start. All smoke and darkness, they build it up superbly before kicking into a snappy roll-call of the megastars they had this year. You can find out about the 2015 edition here.

DGTL Festival

After a glimpse of lights and bass, DGTL track a hand-held camera/frisbee/shipping container key on its way to starting up the festival. If you think about it too much, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense – but it’s a great excuse for some really cool shots, and a refreshing break from the standard format.

*Added bonus: a whole other aftermovie, but this time super-quick – DGTL Festival 2014 Hyperlapse


A brilliantly epic beginning is matched all the way through by We Are FSTVL’s familiar colour-sketch graphics and a stylish, warm quality. Plus, the slow-mo goes into overdrive. We Are FSTVL is on of the best young electronic events in the UK, and find out why over at our We Are FSTVL guide.


As you’d expect from the way-out-on-its-own biggest EDM festival in the world, Tomorrowland’s aftermovies benefit from an enormous budget and the push to make a film in keeping with the festival’s near-mythical reputation. Cue a Lord of the Rings-esque narrative, cinematic voice-over and a run time of just over half an hour. If after watching this you develop a Tomorrowland itch that you want to scratch, you should defiantly join our Tomorrowland waiting list for updates on the 2015 event. 


Any film that captures the madcap adventure of Bestival is going to be a good one, but it’s made even better by a fast-paced edit and lots of first-person camerawork. Caribou’s Can’t Do Without You keeps weaving in and out of the soundtrack, tying it all together nicely. 2015 details have yet to be released, however you can keep up to date via our Bestival 2015 guide.

Melt! Festival

This one is expertly succinct. It ticks all the boxes – journey to the festival on the special Melt! train, a good look at the incredible ex-coal mine setting, loads of artists packed in and lots of people just generally enjoying themselves – without milking it at all. If you are itching for more information, head over to our Melt! Festival 2015 guide.

ULTRA South Africa

Another one that aspires more to a short film than just a run-through of the best bits, Ultra South Africa shows off the incredible scenery of Cape Town behind an emotive introduction from local act Goldfish, before hearing from festival goers and massive DJs like Martin Garrix and Tiësto. The crowd-and-artists-going-nuts bits are mixed in there, naturally, and it all adds up to a very well-told story. Keep up to date with Ultra South Africa 2015 here.

Still want more?

Cast your eye over some that were inches away from making our list: Isle of Wight, Ground Zero, Positivus, Qapital


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