7 of the Best: 2015 Festival Trailers & Teasers

7 of the Best: 2015 Festival Trailers & Teasers

Putting together a super-slick aftermovie is simple: get good footage, edit it well, and try to tell the story of your festival in a few highly entertaining minutes. But making a great trailer or teaser clip – that's a little harder.

If you're not careful, you'll just end up reworking last year's highlights reel with a "Wahoo, who's excited for this year? Cos we are!" banner tacked on to the end of it. And as much as focusing on the next edition's lineup is helpful and informative, it's not easy to make it engaging and truly enjoyable to watch.

So we've sifted through every 2015 festival trailer released so far* and pulled out the best of them into a handy digest list, to save you the trouble.

*We may not have actually seen them all. We did try hard though.

AMF: Amsterdam Music Festival

It's the only place to start: Amsterdam Music Festival shows exactly how to keep it short and snappy without passing up the opportunity to ramp up the hype. Artist input, a brooding soundtrack and a tantalising 45-second run-time combine very nicely indeed.

When & where: 16-17 October, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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By contrast Creamfields starts big and gets bigger, playing the 'make-you-feel-like-you're-there-already' card to perfection. "They go completely insane, that's why I love playing here," says someone famous (is that Tiësto?) – and he clearly wasn't exaggerating.

When & where: 28-30 August, Daresbury, UK

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Fair enough, this one really is just a set of names. alt-J, London Grammar and more come at you in an electro-kaleidoscope for 2 minutes, with brief pauses for reflection at the beginning and in the middle. And then it's all over. So simple. And yet so well put together.

When & where: 17-19 July, Ferropolis, Germany

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Latitude isn't in danger of starting any revolutions, but the way it has spent the last decade quietly positioning itself as a subtle reinvention of the standard music festival format, is very impressive. It's a little more sedate than most, and the lineup includes so much comedy, theatre and sideline entertainment that the music isn't the dominant focus any more at all. Latitude's distinctive 2015 trailer – complete with poetic narration – is a great example of how to sum up a festival's character in motion-picture form.

When & where: 16-19 July, Southwold, UK

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Primavera Sound

Released as both a playable app and a more conventional video trailer, Primavera Sound's 2015 lineup announcement may well be the lineup announcement to end all lineup announcements. Indie and retro-hip till the end, the Catalan giant absolutely nailed this one in fitting celebration of its 15th birthday this summer.

When & where: 28-30 May, Barcelona, Spain

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Sensation Amsterdam

Styled as a hollywood movie trailer – like one of Tomorrowland's infamous productions, but a hundred times shorter – the preview for Sensation Amsterdam: The Legacy sets an epic scene in just under a minute and a half. Its film score gives it a fantasy-world grandeur and, what do you know, Sensation is also marking its 15th anniversary.

When & where: 4 July, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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And rounding things off, Dimensions takes us on a chilled-out stroll around Croatia's Adriatic coast. As probably the only festival that will have the sheer courage to make a Site Walkthrough video this summer, Dimensions deserves a lot of credit for creating something that is nowhere near as dull as it sounds. In fact, the end result is not only beautiful to watch, but also an adventure-stirring advert that sets the festival apart from the Croatian crowd.

When & where: 26-30 August, Pula, Croatia

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