TOP 10: Biggest DJs in the USA 2015

TOP 10: Biggest DJs in the USA 2015

Not to be outdone by their Dutch, Swedish and French counterparts, American DJs have showed a strength and class in 2015 that most of the rest of the world can only envy. Veteran Jeff Mills and high-flying Skrillex don't have much in common beyond their nationality, but enduring success is a mercurial thing that can be arrived at via many different routes.

So here they are: the ten most talked-about America DJs of 2015.

#10 Seth Troxler

Hailing from Lake Orion, Michigan, Seth Troxler draws deeply from the wells of acid house and 90s Chicago house. His is a languid, laid-back style that grooves and spins with character and imagination, bringing a genuine underground feel to some of the biggest stages in dance music.

#9 Jeff Mills

Detroit through and through, Jeff Mills spearheaded a hard-edged techno that has seen his career move from underground technician to internationally-renowned pioneer. Alongside the likes of Carl Craig, Robert Hood and Joey Beltram, Mills holds the kind of stature that few in electronic music ever really achieve.

#8 Maceo Plex

Eric Estornel's open-house journey has taken him from birthplace Cuba, through Dallas and Miami, to current residence Barcelona, Spain. More than two decades of music under the names Maetrik, Mariel Ito, Estornel and Maceo Plex have garnered a reputation for rich production that pays much more attention to dynamism and coherence than to any supposed genre boundaries.

#7 Markus Schulz

Ok ok, Markus Schulz also appeared on our Top 10 of German DJs, but joint citizenship and an unarguable profile earn him the right to a second appearance. Schulz transports a trance-laden feel to a mainstream worldwide audience, representing a one-man proof that European and North American styles can mix perfectly.

#6 Bassnectar

Inspired towards a powerful bass sound by the earthquakes he felt first-hand as a child in San Jose, California, Lorin Ashton intertwines his eclectic musical output with a strong sense of social responsibility. Ashton's Bass Center festival will extend to three days for the first time in 2016, with an added twist of Willy Wonka-style golden tickets hidden in selected bars of Bassnectar Chocolate.

Lorin Ashton's Bassnectar Chocolate

#5 Kaskade

A staple in Vegas and another of the new EDM crowd who like their bass as wired as it is pounding, Ryan Raddon has been around the block enough times to see his chosen style fall from fashion before roaring back into the spotlight. He's as rock star as they come in the electronic scene, and a master of full-throttle performance.

#4 Dillon Francis

Not many of the world's biggest DJs can claim a background in moombahton and trap, but Dillon Francis' mischievous take on house music has thrown up more than a few surprises so far. Appearances from Skrillex, Calvin Harris and Chromeo on 2015's This Mixtape is Fire were just the latest in an established line of high-profile collaborations for the LA-based DJ/producer.

#3 Diplo

In the year that Major Lazer's Lean On swept through the festival world like wildfire and Jack Ü's work with Justin Beiber earned them Best Collaboration at the American Music Awards, Diplo is left only to lament that his chief partner in crime, Skrillex, has once again out-skimmed him in terms of outright popularity. Maybe next year, Diplo, maybe next year.

#2 Steve Aoki

All aboard the Aoki Jet…. The world's favourite cake-throwing, champagne-spraying EDM DJ has kept his feet well and truly off the ground in the last 12 months, irrepressibly bolstered by unique on-stage antics and sheer force of personality. 2015 also ended on a beautiful personal note for Aoki as he married his longtime girlfriend, Tiernan Cowling, in December.

#1 Skrillex

For a talented man whose primary sin seems to have been re-spinning an out-of-fashion dubstep into a more palatable and accessible genre, Sonny John Moore divides opinion more than most. Skrillex is right up there on top of the world right now, with a production influence that outweighs even his original work. And for every upturned nose in the electronic world, there are at least three fans simply enjoying a distinctive, driving take on dance music that shows no sign of ceding popularity.



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