TOP 10: Biggest EDM DJs in the World

TOP 10: Biggest EDM DJs in the World

EDM. Everyone knows what it means, or at least what they think it means; but no one can ever actually agree on what it really does mean, or whether it means anything at all.

Calling something Electronic Dance Music should be totally safe ground, since any track that's made electronically is definitely Electronic, and is also definitely Dance Music. Oh, if life were so simple.

What fans and media do take as given is that EDM is a heady concoction of progressive house, big room house, arena house, future house, bass, future bass, trance, pop, hardstyle and even trap music. It also involves more builds and drops than you can shake a Pioneer CDJ at.

But more importantly, it's the start of a lot of arguments. Maybe that's why DJs themselves pretty much avoid the term completely.

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So I'm going with my heart on this one. Like a true EDM fan. My sincerest apologies in advance to anyone who passionately believes Armin van Buuren and Oliver Heldens are def EDM, and that Tiësto isn't. I think they're probably not, and that he probably is.

As for how to pick the 'best' – another minefield I don't want to stumble into – I'm going to sidestep any subjective responsibility for that one too. Here the most talked-about DJs in the 'EDM' scene right now, ranked by volume of Google searches plus social followers and subscribers.

#10 Zedd

Real name: Anton Zaslavski

Age: 28

Nationality: Russian-German

Might know him for: That time he held hands with Selena Gomez

#9 The Chainsmokers

Real names: Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart

Age: 33 and 28

Nationality: American

Might know them for: Not smoking. I know right! They've never fully explained how the name came about, but weirdly they did once hint that it has something to do with Hugh Grant

#8 Afrojack

Real name: Nick van de Wall

Age: 30

Nationality: Dutch

Might know him for: Being 6' 9" (2.08m) tall

#7 Steve Aoki

Real name: Steven Aoki

Age: 40

Nationality: American

Might know him for: Throwing cake in people's faces

#6 Tiësto

Real name: Tijs Michiel Verwest

Age: 49

Nationality: Dutch

Might know him for: Having a wax model at London's Madame Tussauds

#5 Hardwell

Real name: Robbert van de Corput

Age: 30

Nationality: Dutch

Might know him for: His famous Judo skills

#4 Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Real names: Dimitri Thivaios and Michael Thivaios

Age: 36 and 32

Nationality: Belgian

Might know them for: Being the undisputed Kings of Tomorrowland

#3 Marshmello

Real name: Officially A Mystery. But super fans have compiled some pretty convincing evidence that it's Chris Comstock

Age: 26

Nationality: American

Might know him for: Always wearing a marshmallow on his head

#2 David Guetta

Real name: Pierre David Guetta

Age: 50

Nationality: French

Might know him for: Zoning out during his set at Tomorrowland 2014

#1 Martin Garrix

Real name: Martijn Garritsen

Age: 22

Nationality: Dutch

Might know him for: Becoming a world superstar before his 18th birthday

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