10 Classic Festival Looks to Wear This Winter

10 Classic Festival Looks to Wear This Winter

Christmas jumpers, athleisure for the brave, shell suit snow suits, and a whole lot of faux fur.

Winter festival season is your chance to rip up the rule book (then throw it on the fire to keep warm).

Here are 10 classic looks that'll help you slalom your way through to spring.

Athleisure at Altitude

Braving the cold at Snowbombing, Mayrhofen, Austria

Heading up a mountain or out into the winter cold makes most people reach for the warmest clothing they can find. But the head-to-toe gym outfit is much more at home at altitude than you might imagine.

The golden rule: Where there's skiing, there's yoga. And where there's yoga, there's lycra. 

Rolling Back the Years

Kristian Beyer of Âme rocks a roll neck at Awakenings Eindhoven, Netherlands

The roll neck renaissance is still raging strong, and when worn right they can bring an elegant warmth to both male and female wardrobes. Plain or patterned, solo or layered under a gilet, they're a versatile option that you'll see a lot of this winter.

The golden rule: Approach with caution, and only if you're certain you can carry off the look.

Christmas Cheer, Even When it's Not Christmas

It's always Christmas at Sneeuwbal Winter Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands

Snowflakes, reindeer, baubles, snowmen, Christmas puddings, and more bright colours than you can shake a candy cane at: what's not to love about a bold festive knit?

The golden rule: Every day is Christmas day in Winterfestivaland.

Let It Shine

Reflecting the joy at Rise Festival, Les Deux Alpes, France

Metallic finishes have become a year-round festival staple. Coats, skirts, sunglasses, dresses, rucksacks and trainers all reflect the sparkle of fresh snow, while adding a touch of wow to your outfit.

The golden rule: The gold rules.

Four Legs, Two Heads, One Board

(plus countless other fancy dress options)

Enriching local culture at Horizon Festival, Arinsal, Andorra

Fancy dress can take you in many different directions, from an identically-clad bunch of bananas to a lone ranger Power Ranger. But ultimately, they all arrive at the same destination: heart and soul of the party.

The golden rule: The matchingest crew is the happiest crew.

A Whole Lot of (Faux) Fur

A head full of faux fur at Sneeuwbal Winter Festival

Whatever you do, don't forget that it actually gets pretty cold out in the snow and ice. Faux fur coats, gilets, hats and scarves are a practical and stylish way to keep the elements at bay.

The golden rule: If it's real not faux, it's a real faux pas.

90s Retro Special

Reliving the glory days at Snowbombing

Whether the Beastie Boys, The Spice Girls or Mr Motivator are your jam, the time-capsuled slopes of European ski resorts are a safe space to relive the glorious 90s in full technicolour.

The golden rule: You don't have to fight for your right to party anymore.

Shell Suit Snow Suit

Painting the snow pink at Snowbombing

I can't say for certain, but I'm pretty sure that if you could somehow ask a one-piece snow suit about pop culture, it would tell you without missing a beat that The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is the single greatest TV show ever made. And hey, who am I to argue?

The golden rule: If it don't remind you of your fluro childhood, it ain't nothing but an opportunity missed.

Goggles N' Sunnies

When one form of sun protection isn't enough, at Snowboxx, Avoriaz, France

Goggles and mirrored shades are easily one of the highlights of any snow sports trip. If you have any sort of respect for your eyes and their safety, you'll do the decent thing and double up on your UV protection.

The golden rule: Bright white snow + frequent hangovers = shield your eyes at all times.

Less Than is Strictly Wise

A touch of overconfidence at Snowbombing

Sometimes simplicity is the best policy. Really, there's no better way to reconnect with nature than to strip back a layer or two, pick up a board and pretend to everyone else that you're at your ideal temperature.

The golden rule: As long as you're still smiling, you won't feel the cold at all. I promise.

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