10 examples of the worst and best band merchandise

10 examples of the worst and best band merchandise

Earlier this month Daft Punk added yo-yos and frizbees to their brilliantly retro marketed merchandise which includes skateboards, slipmats, belt buckles and more:

Inspired by this awesome yet odd endeavour, we take a look at other great, and not so great merchandise that stars from the worlds of pop to metal have offered to their fans.

#10 - Miley Cyrus' 24 Carat Gold Rolling Papers

Never one to be shy about her love of the ganga, special rolling papers were on sale during Miley Cyrus' "Bangerz" tour.

For $65 fellow smoke appreciators could buy a special pack of rolling papers, which included two 24-karat edible gold leaf papers along with 10 sheets of hemp papers.

If you bought a tour program you even got two gold-leaf sheets free of charge. How sweet.

#9 - Mastodon's Punning Shorts

Sold during the tour supporting the release of their 2011 album "The Hunter", these witty pants were part of the merch selection with many people choosing to wear them over their trousers throughout the show (it's true, I saw it during their concert at Brixton Academy in London).

Always ones to put on an equally bold performance, you can witness Mastodon live at Azkena Rock festival in Spain, Reading & Leeds in the United Kingdom, and Roskilde in Denmark.

#8 - Kelis' Festival Tent

Showing her love for festivals when she wasn't running her own food van, Kelis also teamed up with Field Candy to design her own festival tent.

In line with promotion for her 2014 album "Food", this £295 item promised a tent that was "built to withstand extreme weather conditions to the same high specifications of an expedition tent. 100% waterproof, UV fade resistant and with a breathable inner tent, you will even find the Original Explorer to be much roomier than most other two person tents complete with a large front porch for muddy boots".

We're not sure whether she'll be serving "Jerk Ribs" or "Friday Fish Fry" at any festivals this year, but she will be performing at OnBlackheath in United Kingdom, and Secret Solstice in Iceland. 

#7 - All of the Heavy Metal Christmas jumpers

Everybody loves an ugly christmas jumper but when Slayer released their darker version of the festive trend, many other heavy metal and punk bands such as Metallica, Attila and DevilDriver followed suite.

Fans rushed to join ranks with this ironic anti-festive jumper movement, so much so that every year the designs get darker and ruder, with some bands dedicating a separate christmas jumper section on their merchandise websites. 

#6 - Hanson's greatly named beer

Everyone from Elbow to Iron Maiden have brought out their own alcoholic drinks, (Pharrell Williams once brought out an alcoholic drink for women only because he's lovely like that) But amongst all the drinking delights, the one that really made us giggle because of its name was from Hanson, who released a beer inspired by their 1997 bit "MMMbop".

#5 - Popstar protection and paint

English pop/R&B band JLS once famously offered branded condoms, that we hope are more durable than the life-span of their careers, whereas One Direction released a personalised makeup range.

Picture the scene... Two fellow 1D fan-girls are getting ready for a night out and one says to the other "Babe I love your lipstick are you wearing Harry?", the other responds "Nah hun I'm wearing Niall", Are we the ONLY people that find this a bit weird?

If not then you're in luck because the makeup range is still on sale at Superdrug. 

#4 - deadmau5's Cat Headphones

You can always find all kinds of stuff on deadmau5's merch store from jewellery to mini USB speakers, however one year the EDM star wanted to include his non-human fans in the mix.

Teaming up with Professor Mewoingtons Enterprises and SOL Republic, 10 of the world's first headphones for cats were sold.

You can watch the cringe-worthy advert below, or you can check deadmau5 out at Reading & Leeds or Creamfields in United Kingdom, or Zurich Openair in Switzerland.

#3 - Dr Dre fridge poetry

Because nothing makes a house a home like swear-words on your fridge...

#2 - Bastille Hot Sauce

Inspired both by their Bad Blood album and love for hot sauce the band released a limited edition sauce and t-shirt bundle.

"As a band, Bastille are unhealthily obsessed with Hot Sauce (it features heavily on their rider). What started as a tour-bus dream/joke has become a reality. Now, in conjunction with the award winning hot sauce company Psychojuice, the guys are finally able to unveil their 'Bastille's Bad Blood Hot Sauce' made from 70% Habanero Peppers."

"This specially commissioned super-hot sauce, with its label's Mexican skew on the Bad Blood Album cover, is part of a limited edition run and can only be bought bundled together with a limited edition T-shirt."

#1 - Tenacious D & Rammstein's sexual offerings

While everyone else on this list have merchandise for the outdoors, house and wardrobe, the brilliantly crude Tenacious D and flame gods known as Rammstein thought about their fans in the bedroom.

The American duo offer a delightful cum rag complete with unicorn and rainbow design, whereas German heavy metal titans Rammstein offered the chance to purchase a dildo set with their album Liebe ist für alle da, where each dildo mirrored the members of the band, and the box set also included lube and handcuffs. Bedroom listening party anyone?

Left off this list to be awarded their own special mention, is the American rock band KISS, whose insane range of merchandise almost deserves its own article.

Their choice of band image celebration currently and in the past have included coffins & caskets, flavoured lip balm, wine, condoms, personalised cheques, cycling shorts and so much more, believe us the list goes on!



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