10 Festival Fans Who Will Melt Your Heart

10 Festival Fans Who Will Melt Your Heart

It doesn't matter if you're soaking in the atmosphere at the biggest party in the world, or meeting the locals at a small boutique festival. It's the people that make them what they are.

Here are ten festival fans who bring a supreme dose of humanity amidst the fireworks, and I guarantee will melt your heart in an instant.

There's no such thing as too young to appreciate good music, but this little champ takes excitement to a whole new level.

Glance over at the lady in the orange glasses – you can pretty much hear the sound of a heart breaking into a thousand tiny pieces. 

I don't know what it is about a kindly, fatherly figure sitting on his own, with his face painted, feathers on his head, beer in hand (and one for later – he's not moving any time soon) and smiling for the camera. But it tugs at my heart strings, that's for sure.

Bradley once danced for 38 hours straight, at four different raves.

Over the last few years he's become a cult hero in the UK: a social media star, known everywhere he goes, and a fearless sharer of happiness.

All this despite – or perhaps partly because of – his Asperger's syndrome, which is a form of Autism that makes socialising harder for Bradley than for others.

"Once I started raving, I built up a lot of self confidence with doing my own thing and expressing it. That energy you create, it flows. People like energy; no one wants to be sad, ever."

This is the actual, real-life moment of (slightly precarious) shock and thrill, out on the lake at Wilderness Festival.

Hats off to him for trying to find a quiet spot away from the crowds, too, and he would have got away with it if it weren't for a pesky photographer on the opposite bank.

In June 2014, 3-year-old Jake was left devastated as Download's rules meant he was too young to attend.

So his mum and dad held a mini-festival for him in their back garden, and ended up catching the attention of Download bosses Andy Copping and John Probyn when it was covered in the local paper.

12 months later Jake was invited to be there for real – with a stage bearing his name for the weekend.

Never too old. Not for techno, not for flaming red hair, and not for getting involved in one of the biggest electronic festivals in Europe.

I feel like most of us could learn from this guy's spirit, no matter how many years we already have behind us.

In 2012, just as Belgium's Tomorrowland was reaching the point of global domination, two of its homegrown stars brought their grandparents to see the show.

As Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike played the mainstage, Karl watched from below, with pride (and a slight hint of bemusement) all over his face.

While Lilian kept her superstar grandson's feet firmly on the ground with some classic gran advice.

Back down at the other end of life's timeline, this heartbreaker is weighing up her options: what's more interesting, the piano or the camera?

Hopefully she's not due on stage any time soon, as she seems a little distracted right now.

Look, I told you before – I can't always describe why some things tug at my heart.

Maybe it's the pom-pom-adorned-unicorn on his chest, maybe it's the pink horn atop his own head, or maybe it's the great big toothy grin. But this guy just seems like someone you'd be very lucky to be friends with.

Moments of pure joy are a hard thing to capture on camera. But even rarer is the sight of total strangers forgetting themselves, and pulling together to help make someone else's day just that bit better. This photo from Sziget has it all.

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