10 (Fun) Festival Looks to Wear This Summer

10 (Fun) Festival Looks to Wear This Summer

Music festivals are at their glorious, unique, unifying best when they bring people together, no matter their style or background.

Summer after summer, fields and venues across the world are filled with representatives from both ends of the fashion spectrum, standing and dancing side-by-side: all the way from the steadfastly on-trend (think fringing, saddle bags and off-the-shoulder necklines) to the Wear-What-You-Always-Wear Guy in shorts, tee and old trainers.

If you don't find yourself sporting at least one of these looks over the summer, we guarantee you'll spot them everywhere you go.

The Denim Queen

Fully stocked with cut-off shorts, jackets, dungarees and dresses, The Denim Queen is living proof that practicality and durability don't have to come at the expense of style. She's not afraid to double up, and she's always looking great.

The Wonder Woman

If all three of DC's most iconic superheroes (Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman, in case you're wondering) turned up at a festival near you, it feels like one of them would blend in without anyone batting an eyelid. Bralettes, short shorts and bikinis, usually paired with white trainers, are the ultimate proof that festival outfits bear no connection at all to the outside world.

The Chic City Chick

Cool, casual and not afraid of a branded throwback, the Chic City Chick is most at home at a mud-free festival like Primavera Sound or DGTL. The trainers wouldn't stand her in good stead for a downpour, but she's made the seamless transition from normal life to festival, looking just as good in both settings.

The All-Weather Wardrobe

Keeping it simple with denim shorts, a tee and hoodie/bomber, the All-Weather Wardrobe would be nothing without its crowning glory: the Wellington Boot. Classic wellies keep out 99% of the mud and rain (not scientifically guaranteed) and look great at the same time. After a weekend of walking around the festival site, though, you might be glad of the more lightweight shorter versions.

The Clean-Cut Gentleman

Talking of wellies, pair them up with skinny jeans and a classy block colour or print shirt, and you've got a very well turned-out gentleman. Take a leaf out of Nicholas Hoult's book and protect yourself from the sun at the same time, by capping off the whole look with… well, a cap.

The Glitter Bug

If you've been to any festival, anywhere, in the last five years, you'll know exactly who The Glitter Bug is. Bold, bright colours run right through the look, from hair chalk to sequins and vivid prints; all brought together by the sparkliest make-up known to humankind. 

The Desert Fringe

If you're one to keep an eye out for trending styles at Coachella each year, then you'll know that The Desert Fringe is one of this year's hottest looks. Jackets, tops, saddle bags and boots are all primed for some extravagant fringing, while denim and a brown fedora can really complete the look.

The Wear-What-You-Always-Wear Guy

Shorts, tee, old trainers and socks: outfit done. Why overcomplicate?

The Folksy Flow

Flowing maxi dresses, sheer blouses, bell sleeves, colour prints, and a frisson of fringing mark out the free-spirited boho look from the crowd. Suede and crochet can also be key to evoking the elegance of 70s chic.

The Style Squad

Whether you're Cara Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse and Clara Paget in matching high-vis jackets (you're probably not) or just a group of friends who embrace festivals as an excuse to let your style run wild, a highly co-ordinated squad can be one of the highlights of the weekend. And you'll find that pretty much everyone you meet wants to be your new best friend.


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