3 Acts You Have To Experience Live This Year

3 Acts You Have To Experience Live This Year

From the best rock experiences to one of the best duos South Africa has to offer, here are our recommendations of the top 3 acts and bands you'd be a fool to miss.

Die Antwoord

Proudly odd and leaders of the "Zef" movement, the extremities of South African's "rap-rave" sound, along with their equally bold and unusual music videos have fiercely divided critics. As someone who is a fan of their wild and unhinged persona, I'd say listening to their albums is only a part of the whole Die Antwoord experience.

When you go to see them live it's a whole other level, as visually the stage setup, visuals and costumes mirror and elevate their insane videos, while physically their forceful and hyped vocal performances are deliriously infectious.

From a huge inflated "Evil boy" sporting a massive penis to dancers on stage donning pitbull masks during "Pitbull Terrier", there is no space for a dull moment during Die Antwoord's set, but aside from the exciting theatrics there are some oddly soft moments throughout their strong sets, where both take turns to do freestyles and connect with the audience sans visuals and just the lights.

Of all the gigs I have been too in the past few years, seeing Die Antwoord at London's Brixton Academy was one of the best gigs in a while as EVERYONE in the room was dancing, from those who had probably been at the front since doors open, to those at the back happy to observe, it's impossible not to get absorbed by the Die Antwood vibe. Cynthia Franklin.

You can see Die Antwoord at Les Eurockéennes & Garorock in France, Bažant Pohoda in Slovakia, Kappa FuturFestival in Italy.


Oxford's finest math-rockers are already well renowned for their highly charged live sets, unleashing a feral energy that's unrivalled in other bands I've seen live. What's more, forget those who simply come on, bosh out their tunes just like the record, and then leave. Rather, Foals interpret their songs for a live setting, adapting and evolving them to the point that no two shows are ever the same, introducing groovy breakdowns or enthralling transitions off-the-cuff. 

Moreover, in Yannis Philippakis, you have a frontman who works the crowd like putty, spending as much time crowd-surfing and mounting balconies than he does on stage, continually breaking down the barrier between band and audience, meaning a Foal's gig isn't so much a "gig", but an immersive experience you'll never forget. Luke Nightingale

Catch Foals at Hungary's Sziget Festival, and keep an eye on their site for more live shows.



Since their surprisingly firm-handed breakthrough with Turn On The Bright Lights in 2002, Interpol have seen their soaring take on mellow indie crop up in lots of places from alt-J to The War On Drugs. They've cruised along with reliable intensity and live performances that exude their own forceful charisma, producing four more albums that have held their own in a changing alt-rock climate.

Interpol are one of those rare live acts that work just as well in a tiny corner of a venue and a huge festival main stage; their ability to wash over a crowd of any size in wave after wave of gut-wrenching drive is one of those in-person experiences that any music lover should feel at least once. Joel Robertson

You will have PLENTY of chances to see them, as they will be in Germany twice at Highfield & MS Dockville, the Iberian sisters of Spain & Barcelona will see Interpol at Primavera Sound and NOS Primavera Sound, in Norway they will be visiting Bergenfest, Denmark will witness their greatness at Northside, and in Switzerland you can see them at Zürich Openair.


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