Amsterdam Dance Event 2019: Everything You Need To Know

Amsterdam Dance Event 2019: Everything You Need To Know

ADE: Amsterdam Dance Event 2019

ADE: Amsterdam Dance Event 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Dance Event, electronic music's biggest happening of the year, is finally here! Artists, labels, and venues have been announcing eye-popping events for months and now the time has come to actually enjoy them. But with so much going on and it being so vast, it can be a little overwhelming trying to grasp everything it offers.

With that in mind we thought it'd be helpful to put together a little roadmap to help dissect it into smaller chunks and hopefully help you get the most out of your ADE 2019 experience.

When is it?


This year's Amsterdam Dance Event takes place 16-20 October.


What exactly does ADE entail?


The million dollar question. ADE can be split into two parts: Festival and Conference. While the Conference is packed full of very interesting industry events, tech workshops, star-studded talks and the like, let's put that to one side and focus on the really fun stuff.

The Festival side of ADE is like South by Southwest, except instead of focussing on up-and-coming acts from a wide range of genres, it showcases everyone from new acts to the biggest names, focussing solely on electronic music. From Wednesday to Sunday the entire Dutch capital is transformed into a giant festival, gathering 400,000 music lovers in the city to see 2,500 artists performing across 140 venues.


What are some events to look out for?


The amount of amazing shows at ADE this year (like every year) really is astounding. No matter what sounds like you, house, techno, EDM, hardstyle, etc, you will find it in droves here. Because of the sheer volume of concerts we dissected whats on offer and broke it down into more manageable categories.





Biggest Parties



Top 5 Warehouse Parties

Top 5 Label Nights

Top 5 Unique Events

Top 5 Best Parties

What are some tips for getting the most out of ADE? 


We enlisted the help of some industry experts to pass on how to survive the onslaught that is Amsterdam Dance Event. Here's what they had to say:

"Healthy food is the key, however difficult it is. Surround yourself with positive people and laugh your ass off. Sleep is overrated." - Allan Hardenberg, CEO of ALDA

"While I know most of you want to attend as many events as possible during ADE, I urge you to pace yourself. Take care of yourself and each other, get those few hours of sleep, grab a water in between and for all our speaker huggers, wear earplugs. And remember, if anything happens: the first-aid team is there to help, not to send you to the police." - Jeroen Bosschers, Marketing Manager at Loveland

"1. A 100% charged phone (to take awesome pictures and show your tickets at the venues!) 2. Party with your best friends and you’ll make it through the night. 3. And last but not least, stay hydrated!" - Rik Sietzema, Head of Marketing at E&A Events

"Drink a lot of water, eat very healthy (healthier than usual), and sleep! Sleep is the most important out of all. Don't let FOMO get you. You will regret it and you won't enjoy as much as if you slept the day before." - Andres van der Horst, Marketing Manager at The Gardens of Babylon

"Don’t drink during the day, don’t start too early. Have a good breakfast." - Michael van der Lee, Co-Founder at MBG Productions

What are the best spots to grab (hangover) food in Amsterdam?


Best eggcellent protein - Omelegg

Best hair of the dog brunch - Gs Really Nice Place

Best pancakes - Mook Pancakes

Best pizza - De Pizzabakkers

Best fries - Par Hasard

Best burger - Lombardo's

Best vegan burger - Dutch Weed Burger Joint

Best ramen - Fou Fow Ramen

Best carbonara - Pasta Pasta

Best smoothie - The Cold Pressed Juicery

ADE 2019 takes place 16-20 October throughout Amsterdam. Find more info on our ADE 2019 guide and find our full list of events and book your tickets here.


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