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Austin City Limits 2018: Lineup Playlist

For the amount that everyone talks about Coachella you'd think there'd be more buzz around Austin City Limits. Of course, they're different festivals in different parts of the country, but if you think about it they really do mirror each other. 

Firstly, with Coachella going down in April and ACL in October, they work together to bookend the festival season.

Secondly, sticking with the mirroring theme, while Coachella's fanbase is the Instagram generation, ACL's is a more musically minded bunch. Which thinking about it probably helps explain one being more culturally omnipresent than the other. 

Keeping going though, thirdly, they are both massive enough events to cover two weekends. 

And finally, both festivals are known for boasting some of the best lineups ever assembled.

It's natural to be more excited about the beginning of the festival season than the end, but if you really look the two I know which one I'd rather go to.

With weekend one of Austin City Limits getting underway this weekend, here's a playlist of highlights from its absolutely stacked lineup.  



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