WATCH: The Best Aftermovies of 2017

Ah, the festival aftermovie. The ultimate nostalgia trip for any festival-goer, where for a few minutes (Tomorrowland exempt) we can escape our lives and transport ourselves back to happier times.

To achieve such bliss, it's incredible the effort some festivals put into their aftermovies: we're talking characters, plots, abstract concepts, and all sorts of cinematography tricks. More Hollywood blockbuster than a post festival video.

And to mark the end of 2017, we took a look back over some of our favourites from the past year, celebrating those that went that extra mile to make us yearn to turn the clock back.


This is what you get with a big budget: a 27 minute aftermovie blockbuster. But in all seriousness, Tomorrowland's size and scale deserves one.

From the laid back campsite, through the market all the way to the intensity of the main arena, Tomorrowland's aftermovie shows off exactly why it is the holy grail of dance music festivals, complete with a few camera tricks thrown in... well, more than a few.

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Ultra Europe

If any aftermovie is going to make you miss summer, it'll be Ultra Europe's. Kicking off with a tour through Split, from the sky and via a few cute alleyways and town squares, we're introduced to a group young people who appear to be having the time of their lives, going off the great big smiles on their faces.

And I mean, who wouldn't be when you're in 30 degree plus heat, sipping cocktails on the beach and jumping off yachts into the clear blue sea, all with your best mates and the small fact you've arrived for Ultra Europe. Cue seven minutes of David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Hardwell over more big smiles and even bigger production.

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Dekmantel Festival

Scatty, grainy and thumping, Dekmantel's short and swift aftermovie evokes those 90s rave tapes you find on social media and share in the Whatsapp group with a caption like "I wish we were around then". We're sure people will be saying the same about Dekmantel in years to come.

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DGTL Amsterdam

Anyone familiar with DGTL will of course know about its passion for visual art, and how that influences and crafts the festival. And its aftermovie is no different, exploring the theme of millions of different modular components coming together to form one individual entity, and in DGTL's instance, that entity is a cutting edge electronic music festival. 

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A cross-between a snowsports compilation and a festival aftermovie, Snowbombing's effort combines the two in captivating harmony, complete with an absolutely killer soundtrack from the explosive Run the Jewels.

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Boomtown's latest aftermovie adds another chapter to the story of the fabled old town, engulfed in revolution against the Bang Hai Corporation: a ruling party whose shallow promises of a shiny new future have sparked fury within the town's underworld.

Up they rise in the only way they know how: through energy, creativity and passion, showing us exactly why Boomtown has become one of the UK's most unique and immersive music festivals. 

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AVA Festival

Belfast's electronic music and visual arts festival AVA takes focus on people to a refreshing new level, punctuating its aftermovie with shots of festival-goers, fixed in the moment, beautifully capturing the power of music, and its ability to make you lose yourself in it. 

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