Festicket Favourites: The Best Dekmantel Sets Ever

Festicket Favourites: The Best Dekmantel Sets Ever

Dekmantel Festival 2020

Dekmantel Festival 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dekmantel has become a signifier festival, one of those where if someone tells you they've been, they instantly go up a notch in your books. 

Amassing such cultural clout is no easy task, but the festival has two main things for going for it. First, organisers have invested heavily in new and underground talent, annually curating unparalleled lineups. 

Second, they struck up a strategic partnership with Boiler Room, allowing the whole world to see what they were missing out on.

With the 2018 edition getting underway today, we've decided to look back over our favourite Dekmantel sets from years past. 

Helena Hauff


Straddling the line between techno and electro, the German DJ has risen to become one of the it DJs of 2018. This set from Dekmantel 2017 shows why. 

Palms Trax


Smooth as silk and twice as nice. I don't really know what that means but it's what came to mind while I was listening to this. 

The Black Madonna B2B Mike Servito


Everyone loves a good B2B, especially when two DJs are actually friends. This is an example of the heights that can be reached when two differently minded acts come together. 

Jayda G


The G stands for 'Gotta have it'. I just made that up, but I think it's pretty fitting for this masterclass in selection. 



Another great B2B, this collaboration was a surprising entry for fan favourite set of Dekmantel 2017. 



A classic Dekmantel Boiler Room, Hunee covers a lot of ground in an hour, anchored in a disco euphoria. 



Did you know that Dekmantel actually started as a techno night in The Hague? That's all to say that even though a lot of the bigger sets you'll find from the festival are more house and disco based, there's still a lot of great heavier stuff to be found too. Case in point, this Blawan set. 

Motor City Drum Ensemble


Another classic Dekmantel set. If you ever want to see what someone looks like when they dance, take them to an MCDE show. 

DJ Stingray


An electro OG from Detroit, this set from DJ Stingray is a lesson in how to spin vinyl. 

Sadar Bahar


The funkmaster general, Sadar Bahar brings the energy in this one. He cares not for your festival-induced exhaustion.

Dekmantel 2018 takes place 1-5 August in Amsterdam. Find more info on our guide and join the Mailing List to stay up to date on next year's edition. 


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