The Best Venues in Amsterdam According to Industry Insiders

The Best Venues in Amsterdam According to Industry Insiders

With Amsterdam Dance Event just around the corner, everyone in the industry has the Dutch capital on the mind.

And because we're smart people, we figured this was the perfect time to pick their brains and find out where the insiders head when they go out in Amsterdam.

Here are the city's best venues according to those in the know. 


"It is a boutique hangout located next to Amsterdam's most vibrant nightlife square. The combination of a good vibe, great people and lovely music makes this our favourite venue in Amsterdam. So if you’re visiting Amsterdam, we would highly recommend visiting Nova!" - Rik Sietzema, Head of Marketing at E&A Events

Chin Chin Club

"At the moment Chin Chin Club. You have to visit it if you’re in Amsterdam." - Allan Hardenberg, CEO of ALDA

Mediahaven and Warehouse Houthavens

"This year's Loveland events will take place in two beautiful venues close to the city centre. Both Mediahaven and Warehouse Houthavens are sleekly designed venues located in De Houthavens and are the perfect settings for an amazing night of pure techno." - Jeroen Bosschers, Marketing Manager at Loveland

Het Sieraad

"Het Skatecafe is always great to be at, and so is our own venue Het Sieraad with it’s magnificent glass roof." - Ester Verdegaal, Marketing Ninja at Chasing the Hihat

A'dam Toren

Andres van der Horst, Marketing Manager at The Gardens of Babylon

Shelter, Thuishaven, Marktkantine

"I don't really have a favourite, but if I have to choose some venues that are doing well it would be: Shelter, Thuishaven, and Marktkantine" - Michael van der Lee, Co-Founder at MBG Productions


"I love Paradiso, where I had my first edition, as it has a glorious history (and is very Alter-worthy)." - Susanne van Maanen, Founder of Komm Schon Alter 

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