Coachella 2020: Beyond The Headliners - Electronic Edition

Coachella 2020: Beyond The Headliners - Electronic Edition

Coachella 2020

Coachella 2020

Indio CA, United States of America

Coachella is the most famous music festival in the world. And with that title comes great responsibility. Every year it attracts the biggest names to both play and attend and thus every year the lineup gets scrutinized unlike any other festival.

Whether there's not enough rock bands or the headliners don't represent where music is at anymore or having pop stars on the bill means it's sold out, year after year Coachella faces a litany of critiques usually reserved for certain members of a certain royal family.

Of course a fair amount of it is just people enjoying the act of spitting their hot takes out on the internet, but the conversation around Coachella really does seem to distract from the fact that the festival somehow manages to put together incredibly balanced lineups year after year.

A big factor in all this is that people put way too much weight on the headliners. Over the festival's three days almost 200 acts will perform, and yet the three in the biggest font size on the poster eat up the vast majority of the headlines and social media attention. This is particularly unfortunate because if there's one thing the Coachella bookers excel at it's the depth of their lineups and the breadth of sounds covered therein. 

With this in mind we thought it'd be a good idea to cut through the noise, forget the top three rows of the daily lineup for a minute, and showcase just a few acts from each genre at Coachella 2020.

To start things off let's talk electronic music.

Jayda G


Electronic music is a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Of course sonically it can range from soul-crushingly dark to sugary sweet, but also how it's presented to an audience can vary dramatically too. To oversimplify, there are people who play their own music and people who play recordings of other people's songs and the latter are know as selectors. When Jayda G performs she does so mostly as a selector and she is damn good at it. You will not find a more engrossing, disco-soul tinged set at Coachella this year, I promise you. If you want to take it back to when clubbing was about nothing more than feeling the groove and dancing up a storm, do not miss this one. 



Daphni is the more dancefloor oriented project of Canadian producer and third-line-on-the-Coachella-2020-poster-act Caribou, so this one is cheating a little bit. That being said, I don't think many people will begrudge me separating them as the two projects are unquestionably very different. While Caribou is meticulously cerebral and performed by a live band, Daphni is a DJ act aimed at the body, leaving room for sonic experimentation in the vein of old school DJs. 

DJ Koze


One of electronic music's leading chameleons, you can never be too sure what you're going to get at a DJ Koze set. Sonically adventurous is a good place to start when describing the German producer's music. Technically proficient is another apt title. This man knows more music than you ever will and he is able to piece different sounds and styles together unlike anyone else. 

Floating Points


Floating Points aka Sam Shepard is a neuroscientist. That's not a metaphor for what his music does to your brain when you see him perform, though his ability to draw an audience in and take them on a musical journey does warrant the label, I mean he literally has a PhD in neuroscience. Whether that has influenced his music or not, a Floating Points set melds old school grooves with new school artistry, creating an almost transcendental experience. 

Peggy Gou


There is perhaps no hotter DJ in the house music scene right now than Peggy Gou. Since penning the song of the summer in 2018 in 'It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)', the Korean producer has seemingly been everywhere. While touring basically non-stop, she somehow found time to release a followup single, 'Han Pan', in 2019 and prove that she is anything but a one hit wonder. Her sets are joyous occasions and perfect for people looking to get a little sweaty on the dancefloor. 

Coachella 2020 takes place April 10-12 & 17-19 in Indio, California. Find more info on our Coachella 2020 guide and book your Coachella 2020 tickets, packages, transport and more here


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