Creamfields 2017: Five Reasons to Camp at Dreamfields

Creamfields 2017: Five Reasons to Camp at Dreamfields

Creamfields 2021

Creamfields 2021

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Creamfields, one of the biggest and best dance festivals in the world has been pulling in fans from all four corners of the globe to see the very best in EDM, house and more since 1998.

But what started out as a one day festival now takes place over an entire weekend, meaning those wishing to go the full length need somewhere to stay. Yes, there's the main campsite, but there's also Dreamfields. And just like its name suggests, this is pretty much the Utopia for campsites. 

Here are five reasons why you'll want to upgrade...

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You don't have to carry a tent

There's no worse start to a festival than lugging a tent around in the blistering heat trying to find a spot big enough for you and your mates. Fortunately for you, you can make sure you're accommodation is all set up and ready as soon as you arrive, meaning not only can you travel light, but they'll be no fiddling with poles and guy ropes. We all know how frustrating that is!

Luxury toilets and showers

Once you've finally set up camp, we wouldn't be surprised if you're already sweating. Normally that'd be you for the weekend, but it doesn't have to be. By purchasing a Dreamfields package you will have access to an exclusive set of luxury toilets and showers, meaning you can impress by looking fresh each morning. 

Pamper Marquee

This is the place to be come morning. Filled with mirrors and grooming accessories, there's no excuse for any lack of Instagramming.  

An actual bed

After a hard days raving, retiring to a broken zip sleeping bag (and a half inflated blow-up mattress if you're lucky) might not seem like the most appealing of retreats. But you can forget all about that because each Dreamfields package comes with its own bed – yes an actual bed – meaning you'll be re-energised and ready for your next day partying. 

You're at Creamfields!

Do we really need to say any more...

Creamfields will take place from 24-27 August 2017. Find out more on our guide, and book your tickets and packages here.

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