DGTL Madrid 2019: Highlights and Best Sets

DGTL Madrid 2019: Highlights and Best Sets

DGTL Madrid 2020

DGTL Madrid 2020

Madrid, Spain

Don't know if you've noticed, but DGTL is not so slowly taking over the global electronic music scene. The Dutch party-people are up to eight editions now spread across three continents. Mixing cutting edge lineups with a strong focus on visual arts, eco-conscious setups and an inclusive environment, it's not hard to see why people are drawn to DGTL events around the world.

What's especially cool about DGTL is how each edition is tailor made for their surroundings, with venue types and lineups varying dramatically depending on location. For instance, Spain, has two DGTL outlets, one in Barcelona and the other in Madrid, and showcases this perfectly. 

The Barcelona edition takes advantage of the city's vaunted position on the Mediterranean by taking place outdoors in Parc del Fòrum overlooking the sea. This open, relaxing location is paired with a lineup that ranges from techno all the way to fun-loving funk and disco. 

The Madrid edition, on the other hand, moves the party indoors into the vast and imposing warehouse-style venue IFEMA and matches its setting with darker sounds that explore the depths of techno.

Speaking of DGTL Madrid, it just took place over the weekend and Festicket was on hand to take it all in. Here are our choices for the best sets from the Spanish capitol's second annual edition.

A hometown hero doesn't disappoint


Oscar Mulero is a legend in his native Madrid. Opening clubs, founding labels, and making dancefloors shake for 30 years, no one represents the dance music scene in the city more than him. Taking the decks on the Generator stage at midnight, it was obvious he was one of the main draws of the night. Rising to the challenge, Mulero matched the crowd's energy and gave them some seriously hard-hitting techno beats.

Adriatique space things out 


Burdened with the unlucky task of playing opposite Mulero, the Swiss duo smartly took their set in a different direction. Where Mulero pummelled listeners with pounding beats, Adriatique weaved sounds and genres together to create something that covered a lot of ground and maintained interest.  

Dixon shows why he's number one 


And then there was Dixon. The German DJ's stature in the electronic music scene is undeniable after winning Resident Advisor's Top DJ poll four years in a row before the publication decided to retire it. His sets are something to get behind, as comfortable playing dark techno as melodic house and somehow able to layer seemingly dissonant sounds together into something more than the sum of its parts. This technical ability is unparalleled and it was on full display at DGTL Madrid. 



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