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Donald Glover's 10 Best Moments

Donald Glover is everywhere these days, there's no denying that. Star Wars, Atlanta, and 'This Is America' have been three of the biggest stories of 2018 so far. So as a person who produces content, what does one do with this information? Jump on the bandwagon, of course.

Funnily enough, though, even with so much Donald Glover news to eat up, fans of his musical persona Childish Gambino have been a bit starved for attention. Outside of a handful of festival sets and special one off performances, he hasn't toured properly since 2015.

So it's safe to say that the fact he has headlining sets coming up this weekend at Bilbao BBK Live and Lovebox is a pretty big deal. And also that it's worthy of some shameless clickbait. Or, if perhaps you're slightly less cynical, it's the perfect opportunity for a nice stroll down memory lane.

So without further ado, here are the definitive 10 best moments from Donald Glover's career thus far. 



Derrick Comedy thrust Donald into the spotlight for the first time. There's a lot sketches to choose from, but Kevin from Girls Are Not To Be Trusted has to be one of Donald's most emotionally intriguing characters ever. 

Moving on up


OK this one is cheating, but what are you going to do about it? As a writer for 30 Rock, Donald made a few quick cameos. You know you couldn't choose between "This is for you Jesus" and "Don't eat in costume" either. 



No Donald Glover list without this one is complete.  

Seasonal fire


OK full disclosure, I love Community. Donald's character Troy spits some serious bars here and the autotune on "and act just like I love it till the day I die" gets me every time. 

Renaissance Man


Hey did you know that Donald Glover can do a lot of things? He hasn't done standup in a while, but this is a classic bit. 

Savage takedown for the ages 


According to Lena Dunham this all too accurate attack was completely improvised. 

Breaking new ground


People have loved Donald for a while, but things ramped up a notch once they saw his groundbreaking show Atlanta. "Sexuality is a spectrum, you can really do whatever you want" is another killer line. 

That boy can sing


Childish Gambino is just a rapper, right? His 2016 album Awaken, My Love was a bold left turn away from what we'd come to expect from him, but if the energy from this performance is any indication, he couldn't be more in his comfort zone.

The Donald Glover stare 


Another perfect moment from Atlanta season one. The whole scene is great, but the classic Donald Glover stare at the end is pure gold. 

The perfect anthem for 2018 


Nothing else could complete this list. The video's been a cultural phenomenon which propelled him to his first number one single, so he damn well better play it at BBK and Lovebox this weekend.

In case FOMO is now setting in, you can still book your tickets to catch Childish Gambino at Bilbao BBK Live and Lovebox.

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