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Dream Setlist: Arctic Monkeys

Dream Setlist: Arctic Monkeys

Towards the end of last year, when the barrage of lineup announcements was just beginning, we decided it would be fun to come up with the perfect setlists for some of the busiest headliners of 2018. Having conclusively tackled Gorillaz, Queens of the Stone Age and Kendrick Lamar already, it's the turn of another bill-topper.

And in a week where they finally broke their silence, announcing headline appearances at Primavera Sound, Sziget, NOS Alive, Mad CoolTRNSMTBest Kept SecretFlow FestivalWay Out WestOya, Hurricane Southside and  Rock Werchter, it could only be Arctic Monkeys.

Coming up with a setlist for one of Britain's biggest bands this side of the millennium was no mean feat, but I reckon this is a pretty strong effort (if I do say so myself).


N.B. Obviously this summer's shows will no doubt have new music thrown in there, but given no one has heard anything yet I could hardly include that could I? As you were. 

1. The View From the Afternoon
2. Do I Wanna Know?

Two longstanding set openers (and album openers) from either end of an impressive career. 

3. She's Thunderstorms
4. My Propellor
5. Brianstorm

And why not follow it up with these three to complete the set of opening tracks? We had a discussion about this in the office, and agreed that there aren't many bands who can match this lot for consistency on album openers. 

6. Dangerous Animals
7. Still Take You Home

Keeping things rowdy off the back of Brianstorm, a hugely under-appreciated track from what is perhaps the lads' most divisive album, and an absolute belter from their rightly lauded debut.

8. Riot Van

What better way to follow Still Take You Home than with the next track from the album? Also a nice way to calm things down a little after a pretty unrelenting start to proceedings.

9. Black Treacle
10. Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?

A longstanding personal favourite from Suck It and See, and a bona-fide classic from AM.


11. When The Sun Goes Down
12. Teddy Picker
13. Crying Lightning
14. If You Were There Beware
15. Library Pictures

Seriously, how many great tunes do these lads have? It's ridiculous. 

16. Bigger Boys & Stolen Sweethearts
17. Piledriver Waltz
18. Mardy Bum

I like to think of this as the 'unlucky in love' bit of the set, as well being a trio of songs that display just how brilliant a lyricist Mr Turner is. It would also be nice to hear the early B-side live, for the first time in over a decade.

19. Fluorescent Adolescent
20. I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor

Platinum Certified classics

21. Cornerstone

It's a shame they can't show the incredible music video to this while they perform it. Or maybe they could? This is a dream set after all.

22. 505

This track has been one of the band's main set closers since about 2008, so who am I to argue?  


23. I Wanna Be Yours

A beautiful song to come back on stage to. Props to the legendary punk-poet John Cooper Clarke for the lyrics to this one.

24. R U Mine?

Without question a serious contender for the best ever Arctic Monkeys song.

25. A Certain Romance

Here we are. Having started with the opening track of their landscape-defining debut, we close with the last song from that same album. And what a song it is.

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