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Dream Setlist: Queens of the Stone Age

Dream Setlist: Queens of the Stone Age

Festival season may still be long way off, but the biggies are slowly starting to reveal their 2018 lineups. There are already a few bands that are poised to have big years next year, one of which is American desert rockers Queens of the Stone Age. 

Having already been announced as headliners at Rockville, NorthSide, Bergenfest, INmusic Festival, Mad Cool and NOS Alive, and no doubt more announcements to come, it's safe to say Josh Homme and co. will be everywhere in 2018.

With next year's festival landscape becoming a little clearer, we thought it might be fun to try and come up with our dream setlists for some of the bands dominating the conversation so far.

We started with everyone's favourite virtual band, Gorillaz, last week, but now its time to turn it up to eleven and take a stab at the perfect Queens of the Stone Age set. 

Here's what we came up with.

1. The Way You Used to Do

Opening with the lead single from Villains on the Villains World Tour just makes sense and it's a perfect song to ease everyone into the groove.

2. You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire

With everyone warmed up, it's time to really get things going. The first track off the band's masterpiece Songs For The Deaf really shows the band mean business.

3. If I Had A Tail

There's nowhere to go but to bring it down a little, and this stadium-sized live staple starts groovy but gets heavier and heavier as it goes along.

4. Sick, Sick, Sick

Building anticipation requires a release, which sums up this oddball Era Vulgaris single pretty well.  

5. Go With The Flow

Perfect for keeping their foot on the crowds neck is one of the bands most recognisable tracks, a fan favourite, and an absolute banger.

6. In The Fade

Another recovery track here, Josh Homme has taken over lead vocal duties since Mark Lanegan's departure from the band. No dream setlist is complete without it. 

7. First It Giveth

There's never a lot of down time at a Queens of the Stone Age show. Homme's vocals soar over relentless instrumentals, encapsulating the band's versatility in one song. 

8. The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

One of the band's first songs to break through onto the radio, it holds a special place in the band's history and thus would be a shame for it to not make an appearance.

9. If Only

Continuing the stroll down memory lane, If Only is the lead single off the band's 1998 self-titled debut. It's just a solid piece of songwriting. 

10. Long Slow Goodbye

One thing about QOTSA is that they know how to end an album. 2005's Lullabies to Paralyze ends with this slow burner. Everyone needs to show their vulnerable side sometimes.

11. The Blood Is Love

This one hasn't been played since 2008, so it probably will stay a dream, but the song's beat changeups and cutting use of e-bow make this an eerie gem.  

12. Song For The Deaf

Getting back to what everyone wants, this track features some serious riffage and guitar prowess. Desert rock at its finest. 

13. Suture Up Your Future

Another one that hasn't been played in a while, this Era Vulgaris track is as soft spoken as it gets for band, until a psychedelic explosion at the end.

14. Little Sister

One of Josh Homme and co's biggest songs, this tightly knit dance-rock scorcher is one of the only songs to get one of Will Ferrel's most beloved characters out of retirement

15. The Evil Has Landed

One of the highlights from the new album, The Evil Has Landed finds the band lightening things up for a bit while keeping all the baddassery you need in a QOTSA track.

16. Misfit Love

Fuzzed out to the extreme and slowed down, you can't accuse the band of not being heavy enough. Doom, gloom and toxic love ooze through the speakers here.  

17. Make It Wit Chu

Not gonna lie, when this song first came out I thought the band had officially jumped the shark. But we all get things wrong from time to time. Think Alex Turner heard this one when it came out? 

18. Song For The Dead

Queens of the Stone Age's best song. Bar none. Virtuosity abounds, with double kick drums flying around as the walls close in around your brain. Like The Beatles' I Want You (She's So Heavy), there's no way to escape the power of the riff.



19. 3's & 7's

Nothing can follow A Song For The Dead, so the break will allow everyone in attendance to pick up the pieces of their brain, before having them smashed again by Josh Homme's wailing guitar.

20. Un-Reborn Again

Another new track, Un-Reborn Again is a cinematic adventure through psych rock. Featuring different chapters, one even has a saxophone part.  

21. No One Knows

The band's biggest song for a reason, you knew it was coming eventually. A Queens of the Stone Age show without No One Knows would be like Zeppelin not playing Stairway To Heaven. It ain't gonna happen. 

22. I Think I Lost My Headache

The Rated R closer has everything you could ask for to close out a show. A sense of finality permeates the whole thing as the track seems to encapsulate all the various emotions present throughout QOTSA's discography.

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