Festicket's Guide To Glastonbury Festival: The Park Stage

Festicket's Guide To Glastonbury Festival: The Park Stage

In the run-up to next year's Glastonbury Festival, we're taking you on a tour of each iconic area so you're fully prepped for the occasion. Wandering aimlessly around the seemingly endless site can be haphazard, so it's helpful to have a basic knowledge of where you are, and why you're there.

Fear not, we've got you covered.

First up, the Park Stage

Only introduced in 2007, The Park Stage and the surrounding area celebrated its 10th anniversary at the 2017 edition, but it feels as though it's been part of the festival for much longer. I mean, we're all familiar with this marvellous view, right?

This is the view from Pennard Hill, which is right next to the Park Stage at the southern-most part of the Glastonbury Festival site. 

Being able to see the sprawling crowds, twinkling lights of each campsite, the bedazzling light shows from the Pyramid, West Holts, and Park Stages, as well as the near post-apocalyptic Arcadia arena, is quite spectacular. 

At the peak of the hill is also the home of the emblematic Glastonbury sign, prime for Instagram opportunities.

You can understand why Pennard Hill Grounds campsite at the bottom of the hill has become the most popular spot for campers each year. Well, the view, alongside the fact that it's slightly elevated which lessens the risk of your tent being submerged in mud. 

What makes the Park Stage unique is that it's exclusively curated each year by Emily Eavis.

She has more of a hand in the curation of the entire festival lineup nowadays as it's too vast for Michael Eavis to manage himself, but the Park Stage lineup is more of a reflection of her personal music taste and the artists that she feels can make the step up to command a crowd at a major festival.

For instance, when Jamie xx headlined in 2015, his sets were typically confined to clubs and venues. The crowd subsequently referred to his performance as 'biblical' which demonstrated that he was perfectly at home on a festival stage.

Numerous stellar artists over varied genres perform on this stage, seeing Bon Iver, M.I.A, Flaming Lips, Jon Hopkins, Solange, The Horrors, Grimes, and Wolf Alice all grace the foot of Pennard's Hill, often going on to play again on one of the bigger stages.

Artists whose stock has risen rapidly of late and festival stalwarts perform here, but one thing you can guarantee is that the selection of music on offer will be eclectic.

Secret sets at Glastonbury often keep people on tenterhooks throughout, and there's a valid reason. The Park Stage has hosted two of the most celebrated secret sets in recent memory, both of which were previous headliners in Radiohead and Pulp back in 2011.

The entire area had to be cordoned off for people's safety once thousands upon thousands of frantic festival-goers trundled down to catch a glimpse of this rare opportunity. If you're a severe sufferer of FOMO, best to keep your wits about you.

Of course, there will be plenty of fan-footage to help you re-live the momentous occasion, but it's not quite the same, is it?

In and around the Park Stage area are bars, cafes, small venues for emerging artists and art installations so it's almost a small bustling community unto itself. 

However, importantly, we've failed to mention one of the festival's most iconic structures; The Ribbon Tower. 

The multicoloured 17-metre tall beacon has become as synonymous with the festival's iconography as the Pyramid Stage, and is instantly recognisable across the world.

If you fancy a trip to the top, then beware - queues can last up to 4 hours so you may have to wait a while. The view, however, will emphatically justify your decision:

Whether you're vibing euphoric electronica, chugging riffs from thriving rock bands, or would rather chill at sunset on the hillside with heartwarming folk to soothe your ears, you can experience it all at the Park Stage. 

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