Festicket's Eco-Friendly Camping Essentials

Festicket's Eco-Friendly Camping Essentials

There was once a time when camping equipment was horribly functional and not particular pleasant on the eye, but nowadays you can accrue all kinds of kitsch gear that's both efficient and aesthetically pleasing; the Instagram-ers amongst you can rest assured that your equipment won't tarnish the mise-en-scène of your #campinglife posts. 

Knee-deep in the peak music festival season as we speak, you may have already perused numerous catalogues of camping outlets for the wares that will sustain you throughout your next weekend-long excursion.

However, with post-festival clear-ups become far more problematic from an environmental perspective due to 'disposal' tents, quite literally tonnes of leftover plastic, and semi-submerged wellies peppered throughout, there are steps we can make to become greener, reducing the impact on our fair planet without impacting on your festival fun.

For the environmentally conscientious amongst you (hopefully, that's all of you), we've put together a summary of our most eco-friendly camping necessities for a guilt-free festival.


Arguably the biggest point of contention from environmental evangelists is the one-use-only policy often adopted by many festival-goers in regards to their tents.

This is why Kartent have created a truly one-use-only, but also eco-friendly tent made entirely of thick cardboard; tried and tested to resist heavy showers, these 3.3 square metre two-person tents are already extremely successful at festivals across the globe and can be set up awaiting your arrival. Keeping you warm in adverse conditions, and cool in the sweltering heat, we strongly endorse Kartent as an eco-friendly accommodation.

If you're not quite ready to join the cardboard revolution, however, then our friends at Festitent (who we often partner with) provide stellar service, pre-erecting a comfortable tent and dealing with the festival aftermath ensuring that all tents are re-used. 


Whether or not you decide to get some genuine sleep at a festival or party till the early hours is up to you, but it's always useful to give yourself the option if you're running out of gas. 

Big Agnes’ range of sleeping bags are lightweight, easily compressible, equally cosy and breathable, vegan-friendly, and here's the best part; they're 97% made of recycled nylon so you can rest easy.

Food & Drink

Due to the sheer volume of gourmet food options at festivals, it's unlikely that you'll trudge to the campsite merely to eat your 39p packet of noodles. If that's all the sustenance you desire, however, then plastic isn't the way to go. In lieu of that, there's always bamboo crockery, utensils, and cutlery which is reusable, sturdier than the average wooden wares, and disposable if you leave it behind.

Drinks-wise, most festivals are savvy when it comes to reusable plastics and tend to offer reusable cups for a small monetary deposit. Coupled with alcohol and searing heat, staying hydrated is paramount; One Green Bottle avoid harmful plastics with their affordable stainless steel and wooden water bottles. Stylish, reusable, sustainable, and eco-friendly, you can't go wrong.


Getting dirty at festivals is virtually unavoidable; if it rains you'll get muddy, if it's blisteringly hot you'll get sweaty. So it's important to stay clean, and for this, we'd advise taking a shower. 

If there aren't any showers and you're burdened with a self-imposed hangover, then it's tempting just to give yourself a once-over with a wet wipe, but believe it or not (if you've ever seen a fatberg, you'll believe it) these are terrible for the environment as they just don't decompose.

Up step Full Circle, who have created the ultimate eco-friendly festival survival kit. Including everything you need to keep fresh and clean throughout – antiperspirant, face wipes, toothpaste, hand gel, body wash and shampoo – the kit is waterless and leaves no environmental trace. 

Staying Dry

Scandinavian brands are always at the forefront of eco-friendliness, with brands like Haglöfs and Klattermusen strictly using organic and recycled materials for their outdoor wear. These can be on the pricey side though, and the jacket is likely to take a beating over the festival's duration. 

If you want to prolong your raincoat's lifespan, then either bring a cheap mac or just make sure to re-use your plastic ponchos. 


Lastly, not a festival camping essential as such, you'd be a brave, commendable soul resisting the sparkly charms of donning swathes of glitter at a contemporary music festival. Turns out though, that glitter is dreadful for the environment too and will stay in the grass for years. 

To avoid such issues (and glitter resistance) just ensure you find eco-friendly glitter that degrades within days; there are thousands of guilt-free sparkles to choose from with Eco Glitter Fun

So, you're a budding eco-warrior? Then take a look at our Top 10 Eco-Friendly Festivals.


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