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Glitch Festival 2016: Exclusive Preview

Glitch Festival 2016: Exclusive Preview

Glitch Festival 2018

As countries like Croatia and Spain continue to bulge with music festivals, the Mediterranean island of Malta is beginning to look like it might be the next big thing.

Glitch Festival, a brand new house and techno festival that is already causing stirs across Europe, is the latest to pitch up on Malta's beautiful shores. Ben Klock, Len Faki and Carl Craig is hardly bad going for a maiden edition.

We caught up with promoter Kevin Ellul to find out where the idea for Glitch Festival came from, why the team chose Malta, and what they hope to achieve with their very first edition.

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Where did the idea for Glitch Festival come from?

It all started over a couple of beers early in 2015. I would say it has been years in the making though. We had always dreamed and hoped that it would somehow be possible one day to organise a festival of this stature. With years of experience organizing events, taking the plunge to take it up a notch (or more) to organize a festival was almost a natural step in the right direction.

How did the festival come to take up residence in Malta?

Glitch is made of a team of promoters based in Malta. The driving force behind the festival is a team of specialised individuals that have created and supported a niche locally. The ‘scene’ has been going strong for over 13 years, supporting local artists as well as entertaining the community with a vast array of the world’s finest acts, artists and DJs. 

The idea behind the festival residing in Malta was down to the unleashed potential for festival tourism. The climate and the hospitable country provides the perfect backdrop for a music festival.

Is it still hot there in September?!

Yes, it's still full-on summer here in September! The favorable climate gives Malta an edge as a party destination. The month of September was pretty key for us: party-goers can lap up some more summer sunshine and extend their summer. 

What kind of feel were you aiming for with the lineup?

We put a lot of care into selecting the lineup, and we're very excited with how it has shaped up. 

Each day will progress against the beautiful backdrop of the Buskett Woodland: house and disco will be followed by darker, disjointed techno, acid and electro, taking the party through the night. Glitch Festival is all about creating an intimate 2-day adventure with full focus on a diverse quality lineup – and the best atmosphere and energy possible on the dance-floor.

And what would make you feel like the first ever Glitch festival has been a success?

Fast forward to September, we're looking for a perfect and intimate festival experience. The dream is to make the festival a memorable one, for everyone attending or playing at Glitch.

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