Industry Insiders On How To Get The Most Out of ADE 2018

Industry Insiders On How To Get The Most Out of ADE 2018

Amsterdam Dance Event is like Christmas for electronic music fans and creators, except it's somehow more awesome, and more exhausting, and it lasts longer.

Over the festival's five days there are almost 1000 events featuring 2500 artists and 600 speakers. It goes without saying that it's not possible to see and do everything you'd want, but that doesn't mean you can't be ambitious.

If you're delving into the euphoric chaos that is ADE this year you need a plan. To help you get going on that plan, we went straight to the source and asked industry executives for their top tips for making the most of the week in Amsterdam.

Here's what they had to say. 

1. A 100% charged phone (to take awesome pictures and show your tickets at the venues!)


2. Party with your best friends and you’ll make it through the night.


3. And last but not least, stay hydrated!

- Rik Sietzema, Head of Marketing at E&A Events


Healthy food is the key, how difficult it is. Surround yourself with positive people and laugh your ass off. Sleep is overrated.

 - Allan Hardenberg, CEO of ALDA 


While I know most of you want to attend as many events as possible during ADE, I urge you to pace yourself. Take care of yourself and each other, get those few hours of sleep, grab a water in between and for all our speaker huggers, wear earplugs.

And remember, if anything happens: the first-aid team is there to help, not to send you to the police.

- Jeroen Bosschers, Marketing Manager at Loveland 


Drink a lot of water, eat very healthy (healthier than usual), and sleep! Sleep is the most important out of all. Don't let FOMO get you. You will regret it and you won't enjoy as much as if you slept the day before ;)

- Andres van der Horst, Marketing Manager at The Gardens of Babylon 


Take some time in between talks and parties to eat and drink well. And maybe try not to fire all your guns on the first night.

- Ester Verdegaal, Marketing Ninja at Chasing the Hihat 


Don’t drink during the day, don’t start too early. Have a good breakfast ;)

- Michael van der Lee, Co-Founder at MBG Productions 

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