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A Local's Guide to Barcelona with DGTL

DGTL Barcelona 2019

DGTL Barcelona 2019

Barcelona, Spain

While there's no denying that the spiritual home of the DGTL brand is Amsterdam, they've also been doing their thing in Spain's iconic second city for a few years now. So it's fair to say they know what they're talking about when it comes to the ins and outs of Barcelona.

Ahead of the 2018 edition of the underground electronic music spectacle, we asked for some insider info on what the city has to offer from those in the know.

What’s the best thing about Barcelona?

As a longstanding cultural melting pot, Barcelona offers a wide array of options to suit all tastes. Whether you like art, architecture, design or music, there will always be something cooking that could spark your interest. 

What is your favourite borough or neighbourhood? And why?

Each neighbourhood has a singular vibe of their own. However, we do find Gràcia to be especially enticing due to its energy, its colours and its ever-growing artistic scene. 


Where are the best places to go record shopping?

Carrer del Tallers (a stone's throw away from Plaza Catalunya) is always a sure bet because of its multiple record store shops. At Discos Impacto, for instance, you can find practically anything from classical music to old-school acid house.  

Favourite place(s) to go for a drink?

For a more intimate, cozy atmosphere, Bitter and Collage are great options. When it comes to something fancier, Paradiso is a natural choice. All of these bars pay close attention to detail and bartending, something that can be easily perceived on their signature cocktails.

What are the best live music spots and clubs?

Those looking for an event that combines the freshest electronic music, a unique setting featuring original artworks paired with a green mindset know that DGTL is a straightforward option.

Also, the Brunch-In events have an interesting combination of scenery (some of them are held at the peculiar Poble Espanyol, others right in the middle of Montjuic’s gardens) and smartly-curated lineups.

There are also some great underground clubs making their entrance into the scene, such as Das Klub and Laut.

At the other end of the spectrum. What are the best places in the city to go for some peace and quiet?

Lots of people find the Bunkers del Carmel to be especially relaxing. Also, a long stroll through Montjuic’s gardens has been proved to clear the mind and senses.  

What Barcelona delicacies would you recommend trying, and where you get them?

Though not strictly a Barcelona-only delicacy, the patatas bravas of Senyor Vermut are quite the hidden gem. If you're in the mood for a typical Catalan dish, the Set de Born restaurant has one of the best escalivadas in town: it’s healthy, savoury and vegetarian.

Where would you take a friend who is visiting Barcelona?

It would depend on their interests, but Casa Batlló is a unique architectural pearl of the city that deserves a rightful spot on the to-do list.


Which person from Barcelona  – past or present – would you build a statue to honour if you could?

Paco Osuna, for a number of reasons. First of all, we believe that electronic music artists have helped shape the sound and feel of this city, so they should be credited accordingly.

Furthermore, with his label Mindshake and his nightclub Club4, Osuna has championed local talent, something we also strive to do in every edition of our festival.

If you could pick one song that sounds most like Barcelona, what would it be?

We believe 'WaAaAa' could be a good option: it features two long-established local talents and it was released on Plus8 records, which meant a huge boost both for the artists and the city they represent. The Barcelonian electronic sound is ever-changing, but this track has been proved to stand the test of time. 

DGTL Barcelona 2018 takes place 10-11 August. Book tickets, accommodation and extras here, and see our guide for info.

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