Mac DeMarco's Best Festival Sets

Mac DeMarco's Best Festival Sets

Bird On The Wire Presents: Mac DeMarco… Will See You Now

Jizz-Jazz. A genre of music you may not be privy to. That is because it was invented, let's say, by the infectiously likeable, gap-toothed goof that is Mac DeMarco

For those of whom are unfamiliar with Mac, then it's time you get acquainted with the self-proclaimed 'Pepperoni Playboy'; his love of cigarettes, pizza, and partying has been well-documented over his tenure as indie rock's cheekiest troubadour – a suitable pseudonym, for sure.

Mac's inability to take himself seriously (though a hefty portion of his back catalogue is filled with introspective, sincere balladry), his penchant for crowd-surfing, and fondness for obscure cover versions ensure that his live performances remain predictably unpredictable.

Headlining and curating his own festival Bird On The Wire presents: Mac DeMarco… Will See You Now, which promises fun and frolicking in the seaside town of Margate, England, Mac will also be appearing at major festivals like Primavera Sound, Coachella, and All Points East. To prove that it's a unique live experience, we've collated our five fave festival sets, in no particular order.

Warning: may contain a lot of jizz-jazz.

1. Primavera Sound, 2017


What started out as a reasonably well-behaved affair, it wasn't long before Mac's drummer ditched his clothing and played the remainder of the set totally nude. 

Never to be outshone, Mac followed-suit; having played for approximately an hour, off came the t-shirt, and then the trousers. After climbing on to the speakers, he pirouetted whilst pulling his pants into the crevice of his buttcheeks for all to see. The heat must've got to him.

2. Rock en Seine, 2017


What better way to celebrate performing at one of France's most prestigious festivals than inviting a mixture of crowd-members and fellow musicians to partake in an on-stage picnic during your set? It's not what first springs to mind, then again, we don't all share the same thought processes as Mac DeMarco. 

A sweet but surreal gesture, even finding time to share a special moment with an evidently overjoyed festival-goer who jumped on stage to dance and drink whisky from the bottle with Mac himself. Who knows, next time it could be you?

3. Pitchfork Music Festival, 2013


Arguably the beginning of what became an ongoing trend with hoisting people onto his shoulders throughout finale 'Still Together', Pitchfork Music Festival would've been the first occasion that Mac received any notable mainstream exposure. And being the showman he is, he made the most of it.

After performing a bizarre medley of cover versions (The Beatles' 'Blackbird', Limp Bizkit's 'Break Stuff', and Metallica's 'Enter Sandman'), out popped his then-girlfriend Kiki from backstage who was politely introduced to the crowd like a teenager being introduced to their in-laws for the first time. Swiftly launched straight onto Mac's shoulders soon after, and the rest, they say, is history.

4. La Route du Rock, 2014


A true lesson in crowd-surfing on display here. Battling the shifting crowd with aplomb, Mac was at risk of being swallowed by the abyss that is the festival floor. A big no-no for any aspiring rock icon.

The sheer determination to keep riding the wave was remarkable; twisting, turning, all whilst smoking a cigarette and attempting to dodge some particularly touchy-feely members of the crowd. Full marks. 

5. Lollapalooza Chile, 2018


Quite literally every word Mac spoke/sang within this set was greeted with roaring applause. The self-confessed slacker's legion of admirers has spread as far and wide as his grin.

Though not entirely leaving his notorious antics to one side, it was the more tender moments in Mac's catalogue that were equally cheered. His work of late has matured, with an increasing melancholic, reflective viewpoint on family and ageing. His commitment to pizza, partying, and having a royally good time suggests he'll be growing old disgracefully. 

Bird On The Wire presents: Mac DeMarco… Will See You Now takes place on 29 June.


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