Movement Torino: 13 Years in Aftermovies

Movement Torino: 13 Years in Aftermovies

Movement Torino 2020

There's no doubting that Movement Torino has become a significant fixture of Europe's techno landscape over the past decade and a bit.

Returning this October with a lineup as strong as ever – Amelie Lens, Dennis Cruz, DJ Bone, Anastasia Kristensen, to name a few – the festival has consistently showcased the scene's biggest names and brightest lights in the industrial Italian city since the first edition back in 2006.

So come with us now on a journey through time and space, as the production values increase, the haircuts improve and the music stays as good as ever... 

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The very first edition of Movement Torino was held as part of the city's Winter Olympics celebrations (albeit in December, ten months after the games had come to a close).


We're pretty sure the festival did happen in 2007 – Derrick May was there (as always) with fellow Detroit legends Stacey Pullen and Underground Resistance – but sadly no video seems to exist. So did it really happen at all? Yes, yes it did.


The longest aftermovie of the lot by some distance. Maybe everyone had longer attention spans before Facebook and Twitter were so widespread?


The first year that Movement Torino was held over two days, with debut appearances from Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos (among others). 


Now in its fifth year, the festival had begun to establish itself as one of the region's best. Resident Advisor hosted their own stage for the first time, showcasing names like Dixon and Motor City Drum Ensemble on their ascent to greatness. 


The year 2011 basically seems like yesterday, so it's surprising that the aftermovie comes across as dated as it does. Maybe things change more in eight years than we thought...


Things get slightly slicker in 2012, but the six and a half minute video puts paid to our idea about aftermovies getting shorter with people's attention spans.


The beginning of the festival's recognisably colourful aesthetic, as it made its move to current home Lingotto Fiere. Nicely rounded off by a snippet of Seth Troxler being Seth Troxler. 


Props to the video editor for the trippy visuals, and to the festival's big names – Kerri Chandler, Juan Atkins, Ellen Allien et al. – for the evocative words.


Another colourful affair for the 10th anniversary, this one gets extra credit for using Ambience by Melé as the soundtrack, a tune that still sounds as huge today as it did four years ago.


Darker, moodier and more minimal than those before it, perhaps 2016's aftermovie was reflective of the wider shift happening to techno music as a whole.  


2017's edition continued with the darker and dramatic atmosphere of its predecessor before building to a climax and dropping into a galvanising beat that seemed to match that feeling of suspense entering a club before finding your feet.


Last year's aftermovie featured a lot of familiar faces, and was pretty hard-hitting throughout until its end, where we're left with just the warbling vocal samples of the hypnotic Ilario Alicante track pulling us in for more. 

Movement Torino takes place 31 October 2019. Book tickets & packages here, and see our guide for more information.

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