New Music Monday: Calvin Harris, Fyfe & M.I.A.

New Music Monday: Calvin Harris, Fyfe & M.I.A.

Invited to the Monday party is Calvin Harris, Fyfe and M.I.A, who each deliver a knock-out dosage of new music. Get them on!

Calvin Harris ft. Haim - Pray to God (Single)

The sixth single from the album 'Motion' is another from Calvin Harris's collaboration conveyor belt – and it's one of the better ones. 'Pray to God' sees American synth-poppers Haim drive some of the album's darker notes, retaining the individual character of the two artists to great effect. It also stays in your head for a very long time. Joel Robertson 

You can catch Calvin Harris at either BråvallaTinderbox or MEO Sudoeste.  



Fyfe - Control (Album)

Fyfe, aka Paul Dixon's, debut album is one that comes filled with melancholia. Tales of lonely nights and broken hearts unwind through varying drum patterns and infectious hooks that pull together in a hauntingly overwhelming and powerful music journey that must be experienced in full. Luke Nightingale


M.I.A. - Can See Can Do (Single)

She's been deadly silent since 2013's 'Matangi', however, on Saturday M.I.A. spontaneously teased new fans with a new track called 'Can See Can Do'. Announced via Twitter, the song, which starts in typical club-anthem style, descends into a beat-splattered three minutes that are about as subtle as a dubstep alarm clock. Luke Nightingale


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