New (Xmas) Music Friday

New (Xmas) Music Friday

As the work parties peter out, the planes get delayed and life in general becomes so indistinguishable from the Love Actually plot that it's not worth thinking about, it's finally the time to do a Chris Rea and drive home for Christmas.

The music industry is no exception, and so as the release calendar quietens for a few silent nights, we thought it apt to collate our favourite Christmas tracks that 2018 has offered.

If you're in the mood for festivity but have long overdone it on the canon(bert) of Christmas cheese – from The Pogues and Slade to Macca and Mariah – here are a selection of tracks that, for now at least, still have an air of fun and freshness about them. From the down-to-earth dreamy folk of The Staves to the boozy blues of Josh Homme, here is a new music gift from us to you.

Wherever you spend it this year, have a wonderful Christmas.


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