Rock In Rio Lisboa 2018: The Ultimate Preview

Rock In Rio Lisboa 2018: The Ultimate Preview

Rock in Rio Lisboa 2020

Rock in Rio Lisboa 2020

Lisbon, Portugal

The European summer of festivals is now very much upon us, and as we approach the end of June that can mean only one thing  – that's not strictly true, it can mean a lot of things but go with me – Rock In Rio Lisboa.

Now firmly established in its own right, the European satellite of the legendary Brazilian festival only comes around every other year so it's all the more special when it does.

Here's everything you need to know about the 2018 edition, which kicks off this weekend. 

When is it?

The festival is held across two weekends: 23-24 June and 29-30 June.


Where is it?

The European version of the famous City of Rock is constructed in the Parque da Bela Vista, in the northeast of Lisbon. At 85,000m² it is one of the largest open spaces in the Portuguese capital, and has hosted the festival since the first edition back in 2004.


How do I get there?

Given that it's fairly close to the heart of the city, you can easily get to the park by public transport (several buses run directly to the park, and Bela Vista is on the red line of the Lisbon Metro).


Who's playing?

Topping the bill for the first weekend are Muse and Bruno Mars, with the likes of Haim, Demi Lovato and Bastille joining them on the Main Stage.

On headlining duties the week after are The Killers and Katy Perry, the latter topping an all-female main stage lineup that also includes Jessie J, Hailee Steinfeld and Ivete Sangolo. Check the whole lineup here.


What does it sound like?

As well as the superstars of rock and pop at the top of the lineup, a big part of the festival's musical offerings this time round are focused on Latin and African rhythms, both traditional and modern, with the Rock Street stage dedicated to celebrated proponents of these sounds.

Have a listen below to some our favourites on the lineup.


Is there anything other than music?

Good grief yes. We broke down some of the highlights in this article, but the headlines are:

- Super Bock Digital Stage dedicated to big name YouTubers of all varieties.
- Worten Game Ring hosting gaming competitions with big-money prizes.
- Pop District: the festival's home of pop culture including a huge cinema showing the latest blockbusters.
- Rock In Rio Academy hosting a series of talks and workshops from industry professionals.


What is there to eat?

A selection of chefs and vendors from Lisbon's famous Time Out Market will be cooking up some tasty treats for those in attendance; from Algarve cuisine and seafood specialities to iconic Lisbon treats pasteis de nata.


What are people saying?

Andrea has been waiting a long time for this...




Keep it clean mate...


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