Tastes Of Europe: If Our Festivals Were Food

Tastes Of Europe: If Our Festivals Were Food

If you attending a festival abroad, chances are you may get a chance to explore the surrounding area. Either before or after you have sampled the pleasant beats of the music, why not get a taste of the local food!

Here is our guide of foods famous in their festivals region or country, imagining what food choices would match our festivals personalities.

SWITZERLAND: Zürich Openair = Zürcher Geschnezeltes


Classic yet seasoned with spices to suit all tastes, Zürich Openair's mix of rock, indie and electro would be this popular veal and mushroom dish, with serving choices including rice, mashed potatoes or “rösti”.

In it’s 4th edition we hope Zürich Openair will be around as long as this signature region dish, with its palette ranging lineup of Paulo Nutini, Woodkid, Metronomy, Deadmau5, Warpaint, Morcheeba & Röyksopp & Robin.

MALTA: Suncape = Hobż Biż-Żejt


Nourishing, light and good for the soul, Sunscape would be the colourful choice of Hobż biż-żejt, which is chunks of Maltese bread topped with tomato pastes, olives, tuna, sun-dried tomatoes and drizzled in olive oil.

Providing a holiday escape of eclectic beats, outdoor sports, healing workshops and a whole host of ‘contemporary cultural experiences’. Sunscape’s headliners are Mr Scruff, M.A.N.D.Y, Sebo K, Thomas Schumacher and Carlo Lio.

POLAND: Mayday Poland = Barszca Czerwony


Bold in colour and enjoyed at night, The techno Mayday Poland would be the popular barszcz czerwony dish. A red beet soup spicy and served hot, it is often poured over delicious dumplings or a yummy fried pate roll.

Mayday Poland's 2014 lineup has yet to be announced, but previous headliners include Adam Beyer, Tocadisco, Moguai and Klaudia Gawlas

CZECH REPUBLIC: Transmission =  All The Straropramen Beers!


OK so we cheated with this one as Beer is drink not food BUT if Transmission was something joyful to be consumed, it would be one the long standing and locally brewed drinks at the Staropramen Brewery. 

Serving a variety of lagers and ale in different colours and strengths, each drink has its own signature hops flavouring, be it bitter or sweet like caramel, and the aromas range from light and malty to strong and wheaty.

The trance and house names set to appear at Tranmission include Markus Schulz, John O’Callaghan, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Solarstone.

ENGLAND: On Blackheath = Pie & Mash


And lastly it would be criminal to discuss festivals and food, without mentioning the festival dedicated to the love of the culinary art. Traditional and enjoyed by all the family, if On Blackheath was a dish it would be a legendary pie and mash meal.

Protecting delicious meat and gravy fillings in a golden pastry crust, the pie is then served with fluffy mash potato and peas. While traditionally a working-class meal, this dish has since seen all types of establishments claim to make the best version.

Launching this year foodie and music festival On Blackheath will feature family fun for all ages, with headlining sounds provided by Massive Attack, Frank Turner, Grace Jones and Imelda May.

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