DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs: Festicket's Alternative Top 10

DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs: Festicket's Alternative Top 10

"Martin Garrix has been crowned the No. 1 DJ on DJ Mag's Top 100 poll." Sounds plausible, doesn't it? And according to a leaked result, that's exactly how it is. But should it be? 

We thought we'd put that question to the test and conduct our own study into who the top 10 biggest DJs currently are. We used a combination of Google searches and social followers to measure popularity, and the results are somewhat surprising when compared to the leaked list. 

The Festicket Alternative Top 10 

#10 Armin Van Buuren

Relegated from 4th to 10th, Armin Van Buuren may feel pretty hard done by having just won Best Trance DJ at the annual DJ Awards. We reckon his drop might be explained by Mixmag's revelation that by searching his name, there's a 17.92% you'll end up on a page containing a virus – the worst score of any celebrity. What's he done to deserve that?

#9 Steve Aoki

When thinking about Steve Aoki, you'd be forgiven for not immediately imagining the DJ, well, DJing. And that's because hitting the decks is just one of Aoki's many talents. What other DJ do you know who is both in a video game, and also a producer of a horror movie? Not many, we're sure, but it seems he's got to do even more to win you over and make it further up our list. Maybe he should recruit the help of this guy...

#8 deadmau5

Another who didn't make it into the official Top 10 but sneaks in near the back of ours is deadmau5. And yet, you get the feeling that checking what Top 10 lists he's made isn't really one of his pastimes. A keen critic of the way major labels operate and a champion of independence - he has recently ditched Universal for indie label Kobalt - deadmau5 is draped in mystery, performing behind a mask and leading his DJ life in character, which we're sure only stimulates public curiosity and is one possible explanation on his entrance into our list.


#7 Hardwell

The winner of the previous two official DJ Mag Top 100 polls, and in at number two in the leaked list for this year, Hardwell only makes it to number seven in ours. The Dutch DJ's rise to fame has been staggering, embarking on his first tour when he was just 14, and tomorrow (15th October), his documentary I am Hardwell - Living the Dream will be available in Dutch cinemas (worldwide on 15th December). The film follows him on his I Am Hardwell tour, taking in 34 countries across the world and giving fans a rare insight into the life of a global DJ. We're pretty certain he'll be back at the helm sooner rather than later. 

#6 Zedd

He may have been out of the game for six months, but Zedd made a storming comeback when he did return with his second studio album True Colors in February. Despite worldwide acclaim, the album, and in particular the song I Want You to Know, was hugely popular amongst teenagers, with the track in question scooping the award for Choice Party Song at the Teen Choice Awards. Sitting at 22nd in DJ Mag's poll, it's possible his teenage popularity and their presence on social media has shot Zedd up to sixth in ours. 

#5 Avicii

Avicii's 2013 hit Wake Me Up is the most-streamed song in Spotify history, with more than 388 million global streams to date, but when it comes to Google searches and social followers, he only makes it into fifth. Surprisingly, the Swedish DJ is beaten on Twitter followers by all our Top 10 except for Armin Van Buuren, instead trumping those behind on Google searches. Going by the name Tim Bergling on Twitter rather than his stage name Avicii probably doesn't help his cause. 

#4 Martin Garrix

The seemingly official winner may not have topped our list, but he's no doubt a very worthy champion. Plus, he's possibly one of the nicest DJs going. Not only did Garrix treat a fan to a free ticket to his shows for life, but he also collaborated with relatively unknown producer Justin Mylo, giving the latter some well earned recognition for his talents and surprising everyone who thought the initially mysterious partner was Oliver Heldens. Being compared to Heldens is no mean feat, and off the back of that, we're expecting Mylo to make an appearance in next year's list. 

#3 David Guetta

Now things really get interesting when compared to DJ Mag. Take a quick peak on Twitter and you'll notice that Guetta boasts 18.7m followers with only an elite few - the likes of Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian - topping that number. Enough to see him smash our poll you would assume, but nope, only a bronze for the French DJ, who obviously needs to roll out Happy and You Know It a few more times.

#2 Skrillex

DJ Mag included him as part of Jack Ü, but it's no big surprise that Skrillex came out on top when we split him from Diplo. The second most searched DJ on Google with a huge social following? I bet many didn't see that coming, but with huge collaborations with pop icon Ellie Goulding, glowing endorsements from Dave Grohl and Grammies in his cabinet, it's no wonder searches have racked up.

#1 Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris is currently right in the middle of one of the the showbiz world's biggest stories: has he or hasn't he broken up with Taylor Swift? No one quite knows, but everyone wants to. Indeed that may go someway to explaining Harris' number one position, though the DJ/producer hasn't had a bad 2015: being named Glamour UK's Man of the Year, winning the Brits Best British Single of the year with Summer and banking a hit single with How Deep Is your Love, Harris continues to cement his position amongst the global elite. 

Looks like someone's just told him he's won...


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