UK Festival Fashion: How to Pack for Any Weather

UK Festival Fashion: How to Pack for Any Weather

The words 'UK Music Festival' sometimes feel completely synonymous with mud, rain or both. But the brave British sun does manage to pop its head out of the clouds every now and again. Honest.

So unless the forecast tells you it's going to be nothing but rain (which you could probably trust), you'll face a decades-old dilemma: how to pack for anything the weather could throw at you.

But don't worry, we've got your back. Here are a few simple rules to keep you looking your best – and your driest – all weekend.

Be smart with your bags

Wheelie suitcases and festivals are not good friends, even in the best of weather. Go for a rucksack or weekend bag instead, and take something smaller too, like a mini rucksack or bumbag. If you plan to bring a bag with you into the arena each day, check festival security rules to make sure they'll allow it.

Pack like a pro

Even the most organised person you know may not be packing as smart as they could, and there are loads of good tricks to help you get maximum usage out of the space available. If the temperature takes a dip, you'll be glad of that extra jumper you managed to cram in.

Plan your outfits before you go

Don't overpack, and leave room for one heavy knit. It might be painful to limit your options, but better to face the pain head-on before you leave the house than feel it on your shoulders/in your arms/just about everywhere as you struggle to carry everything.

Don't forget your secret weapons

Any well-seasoned festival goer will tell you there are just two things that stop one of the highlights of your year becoming a tough slog of a weekend: baby wipes and dry shampoo. They'll keep you fresh, save you the long queues for a porta-shower, and see you through those groggy mornings.

If you're a makeup wearer, it's all about slimming down to the essentials: highlighter, waterproof mascara and eyeliner, deodorant and a few hair ties should cover all your bases.

Love your layers

Aim for outfits that you can build up with layers when it's not so hot, and take away from when the thermometer cranks up a few notches. Slip dresses, tees, bralettes, crochet tops, tights, bombers, or leather jackets, lace-up sandals and wellies all tick the right boxes.

As for the top layer, have a coat or parka handy – even if it's in the tent most of the time. Barbour is a classic winner, or opt for a transparent option to keep the rest of your outfit glowing.

And remember: tying a jumper, bomber or coat round your waist is totally legit in festival land.

Keep your footwear simple

When it comes to festival fashion, there are so many tried-and-tested styles of shoe that it can be hard making the call. But if you're truly planning for any weather, there's a simple solution that rises above them all: wear your wellies, pack your flip flops.

Classic wellies can get pretty heavy after a lot of walking, especially if they're caked in mud; so as long as you're ok with a few flecks getting over the top, short wellies or ankle-length versions (like a Chelsea boot) can be a great shout. Then, just in case you brave a shower or it actually starts to get genuinely hot, the flip-flops tucked away in your bag can come riding to the rescue.


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