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Under The Radar: G! Festival

G! Festival 2019

G! Festival 2019

Gøta, Faroe Islands

Ask most people what comes to mind when thinking of music festivals and the answers are likely to be similar: big name bands, big stages and a vast open space (be it field, beach or forest). While that sort of experience is obviously great, that's not the only form a music festival can, or should, take.

It's important to recognise and celebrate some of the smaller festivals that aren't always able to shout as loudly as those with bigger budgets and grander set-ups. Festivals that have their own unique charm, and portray exactly what is so great about the huge diversity in music festivals across the globe. 

Next up in our ongoing series – which has taken us from a German Cold War bunker to the Great Wall of China and beyond– is perhaps the most remote festival in the world: G! Festival.

Set all the way up in the Faroe Islands, we caught up with festival organiser Sigvör Laksá to get the low down on an unlikely tradition. 

Pick a song that embodies your festival

This year should be Rag'n'Bone Man's 'Human'

Where is your festival set?

The very beautiful Faroe Islands on the beach of the village Gøta.

Tell me a bit about your festival site

An ancient fishing village, upon a remote beach in the North Atlantic Ocean.

When I come, where am I going to stay?

Our camping and kartent sites, or if you book early at an Airbnb.

What kind of people am I going to find here?

Vikings, young and old, big and small, all are welcome, it is for the adventure-spirited!


What is your festival's atmosphere?

The village plays a big part, but we are an inclusive celebration of music, arts, people and culture.

What am I going to eat?

Faroese cuisine, fresh fish and lamb, and many international dishes too.

What kind of music am I going to hear?

An International and Faroese lineup, from Rag'n'Bone Man and Faithless to Harlem Gospel Choir as well as Faroese Eivør, Teitur and Marius.

What's one of your favourite memories from a previous edition?

Over 17 years of G! there are just too many to single any one out. Kris Kristofferson leading our beach stage in song is just one from last year.

What is your festival's spirit animal (mythical or real)?

The very great humans that make the journey and gather on our remote islands are the spirit animal.

G! Festival 2018 takes place 12-14 July in Gøta, Faroe Islands. Find more info on our guide and book your festival experience here 

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