Under The Radar: Instytut Festival Music & Art

Under The Radar: Instytut Festival Music & Art

Instytut Festival Music & Art 2020

Instytut Festival Music & Art 2020

Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Poland

Ask most people what comes to mind when thinking of music festivals and the answers are likely to be similar: big name bands, big stages and a vast open space (be it field, beach or forest). While that sort of experience is obviously great, that's not the only form a music festival can, or should, take.

It's important to recognise and celebrate some of the smaller festivals that aren't always able to shout as loudly as those with bigger budgets and grander set-ups. Festivals that have their own unique charm, and portray exactly what is so great about the huge diversity in music festivals across the globe. 

One fledgling festival that holds a unique status due to it's synergy of both arresting location and uncompromising lineup of techno's finest artisans, is Instytut Festival Music & Art.

The namesake of the prestigious Polish techno brand made their first foray into the festival realm several years back, and they will transform Europe's longest building into a haven of thumping kick drums for a third time this June. 

What's the festival's ethos?

The Instytut brand has been throwing parties for over 20 years now, building up a devoted following thanks to their extensive knowledge of techno and sharp understanding of what makes a great party.

Now though, they've decided to take that experience and apply it to a music festival for the first time - festival-goers can expect the same underground vibes of their other events, but this time on a greater scale.

Combining a historic, industrial setting with a raw, deep and rave-y lineup, Instytut Festival Music & Art is more than just the music, with festival-goers being able to experience a whole spectrum of audiovisual experiences throughout the 19th century fortress it calls home.


Who's playing?


Instytut's two predominant stages are titled Main and Rave, the latter of which all but sums up the style of music you can expect to hear throughout the confines of Modlin Garrison. In 2020, however, with usher in the addition of the New Moon Stage which offers panoramic views of the nearby Vistula River from the Garrison Terrace, with music continuing until sunrise; a slight departure from the sheer industrial, underground aesthetic, but one that will no doubt be welcomed.

In terms of artists, only the first phase lineup has been revealed so far with Amelie Lens leading the way. Techno royalty to have occupied the Garrison in previous years include Nina Kraviz, Marcel Dettmann, Chris Liebing and Richie Hawtin, so expect another stacked roster of the scene's most prestigious talent.


It takes place in the longest building in Europe?


Correct. The Citadel of Modlin Fortress, commonly known as the Modlin Garrison, measures over 2km long and dates back over 200 years. It sits at the confluence of three rivers: the aforementioned Vistula, the Narew, and the Bug, and is situated amongst picturesque sandy beaches and eerie woodland.

The ghostly, supernatural setting is the perfect locale for Instytut's industrial event of epic proportions. 

What kind of people will I find there?

Pure techno heads, in all honesty. You can thankfully forget about the selfie-loving Instagram-ers that are unfortunately too rife at many festivals and events these days. 

There's only one reason why people will be there, and that's to party to some incredible music in a deeply unique setting. It really is quite simple.

Instytut Festival Music & Art will take place on 19-21 June 2020. You can book your tickets and accommodation here, but if you want to find out more take a look at our guide.

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