Way Out West 2019: Beyond The Headliners

Way Out West 2019: Beyond The Headliners

Way Out West 2020

Way Out West 2020

Gothenburg, Sweden

Main image: Jessica Bartolini

For a festival that puts a worthy amount of effort into sustainability, and has won awards for doing so, Way Out West equally sustains an impressively eclectic lineup most years, with 2019's edition shaping up to be one of Europe's finest festival outings.

Curation of the headliners, especially, harnesses this expansive but inclusive notion; acerbic, Latin-tinged hip-hop in the form of Cardi B, luminescent new-wave ruminations of The Cure, and vibey R&B empowerment with Solange shape the diversity from the top. 

Digging further into the remaining artists that found the festival's lineup, the Way Out West roster bursts at the proverbial seams with a myriad of sights and sounds trickling down to the bottom.

We've picked a handful of the must-see artists you may or may not already know about, but most certainly should do.

Amadou & Mariam and the Blind Boys of Alabama

The Malian duo have been nominated for five Grammy Awards over the course of their 45-year career, befriended legends like Stevie Wonder, and won the adoration of a global fanbase with their unique Afro-blues, so there's more than adequate reason to delve into their extensive catalogue.

A married couple for over three decades now, Mariam's infectiously positive vocal compliments Amadou's virtuosic guitar; a heady concoction of traditional West African technique with rock-influenced textures. Lots, and lots, of fun.


Connan Mockasin

Mockasin is certainly an oddity; a sensual and at times bizarre chillwave mogul who sonically meanders in and out of psychedelia, seedy love songs, and just generally absurdist posturings. 

Garnering an elusive, cult status over the past few years with minimal solo output (rather appearing behind the scenes on records from Blood Orange, MGMT, and James Blake) Connan is momentarily tripping the light fantastic once again, so catch him whilst you can. 



Heart-wrenchingly self-deprecating and all the while magnificently enchanting, Mitski concocts bedroom-rock opuses that burst into dramatic tales of indecision and hopeless romance, tapping into that mind frame we've all been in at some point in our lives. 

She announced an indefinite hiatus after this current stretch of shows, and if you miss her you'll regret it. 


박혜진 park hye jin

The 24-year-old polymath has morphed her own dense, cosmic brand of idiosyncratic house shunning samples in favour of weaving her own vocals, both Korean and English, into her alluring soundscapes.

Hand-in-hand with her Korean peers in Peggy Gou and Yaeji, 박혜진 park hye jin has snatched the dancefloor from other contemporaries and isn't giving it back any time soon.



Taking immense pride in her LGBTQ community, Shura places her personal experiences at the fore, evoking shades of 80s teen rom-coms, and Madonna's earlier, less self-serious chart successes. 

It's melancholic, longing synth-pop at it's most nostalgic that she's galvanised to represent her. And it's irresistible.   


Way Out West 2019 takes place on 8-10 August in Gothenburg, Sweden. Book tickets on our shop, and take a look at our guide for further info.


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