Winter Festivals: Here's How You'll Beat the Baggage Limit

Winter Festivals: Here's How You'll Beat the Baggage Limit

Don't get me wrong. Festivals, holidays and ski trips (or all three rolled into one, if you're lucky) are definitely filled with enough joy to be worth a tiny bit of pain.

But let's not kid ourselves: the sheer torture of packing is nothing but Pure. Pain.

Particularly if a budget airline is involved.


You tell yourself that you'll definitely, 100% wear every single item of clothing you own at some point on the trip, and look, even if I don't, it's good to have the options. How do I know what mood I'll be in two nights from now?

So you take a deep breath, stuff literally everything into an 'X by Y' case, and stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that your optimism is admirable but misplaced. You're more likely to get tickets to Tomorrowland than actually force that zip closed. Even though you've been sitting on it for like half your life by this point.

But fret no longer. We've whipped up some simple rules to make sure you get to the ball – with as much as you need, but probably a little less than you think you need.

#1 Know your limits

First up, it's a simple one, but you'd be amazed how many people don't actually do this.

Check how many bags you're allowed, and how big they can be.

That simple. Every airline has different rules, and some are even less generous than others, so here's a handy guide to keep you in-the-know.

#2 Choose your case wisely

Once you've done your homework, it's time to pick out the right bag/case. Wheelies are great for the airport and all flat, stable ground; if you're going to be facing any sort of rougher terrain, a mini rucksack or over-the-shoulder holdall is your new best friend.

A dog that has made a wise choice of bag

#3 You definitely won't wear all that

Deep down you know there's no way you'll need it all. Trust me, inner peace is right around the corner.

Repeat after me: essentials, essentials, essentials

And let's face it, if you're at a winter festival: all you really need is one banging coat or jacket for outdoors, and an outfit for each indoor party.

#4 Hire your equipment there

Skiing or snowboarding + raving = straight choice between packing and hiring.

Ron (@ronipedia) sums up the conundrum nicely. Thanks Ron.

#5 In fact, buy other stuff when you get there too

When space is basically gold dust, buying the necessaries – shampoo, deodorant… other toiletries – the other side is pretty much a no-brainer.

Things that you need, and that other countries also sell

#6 Reinvent yourself as a packing wizard

Seriously though, what is this sorcery? Since when was folding things and putting them in a bag not the best way of getting things in a bag?

In all seriousness though, following these tips can mean cramming up to twice as much in. And we both know that means more party outfits...

#7 Wear as much as you can on the plane

Last up, it's the oldest trick in the book. If you really can't force yourself to become a sensible human being, then turn yourself into this guy instead.

And yes, I checked. There are no restrictions on how stupid you can look while flying.

A little too pleased with himself

This article is in collaboration with Zalando. For more tips and ideas, head to Zalando's packing guide to keep make sure you're 100% prepared.

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